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Franchising with SureCare – No previous experience in care? No problem!

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When speaking to potential new franchisees, one of the most common worries people express comes down to their lack of previous experience in the care sector.

It’s common for new business owners to want to play to their strengths, relying on their backgrounds and the industry knowledge they’ve acquired. That’s why the prospect of entering an entirely new sector can often feel quite daunting, and the care sector is no different.

By joining SureCare, however, there’s no need to worry about whether or not you’re familiar with the ins and outs of home care. With almost 25 years of experience and expertise under our belts, SureCare’s franchising team can help you to fill any gaps in your knowledge, allowing you to get on with managing your daily operations.

What puts people off?

For any business providing care services, it’s absolutely vital to ensure that you can offer quality care to some of the most vulnerable people in our society. As such, it’s understandable why many business owners may be wary of taking on a large responsibility in such a specialised field.

Home care providers don’t just need to offer services to their customers; they offer an essential lifeline that has to be regular and consistent in quality. If a business owner hasn’t worked in care before, they may end up lacking in confidence or feeling under-prepared to adequately meet the needs of their clients.

Why join the care sector?

Despite this, there are several reasons why someone may have the desire to get involved in the care sector in the first place. It could be that they have witnessed first-hand the importance of providing care for an elderly or vulnerable relative, or it may simply be that they wish to help members of their local community.

It’s one thing to recognise the amount of work and effort that goes into caring for an individual, but running a business capable of caring for several people requires a much bigger leap. By starting your own home care business, you can become a part of the solution in helping various people in your area.

How can SureCare help?

At SureCare, we look for like-minded individuals with the key qualities suited to advancing a strong business in any field. From there, we can offer our industry knowledge and expertise to collaborate on franchise opportunities to make them a success. If you can bring the passion, vision, commitment and hard work to your business, we can help to keep you and your business on the right track.

With those core skills as a foundation, our franchise support team provides the right tools and resources to support you in the finer details of running a successful home care business. Through this, we work alongside our franchisees to help them maximise their full potential.


If you think you have what it takes to run your own business, speak to SureCare to see how joining the fast-growing world of home care could suit you. All you need is the drive and determination to deliver the best service you can, and we can help with all the rest.

Speak to us today on 01244 321 199 or send an email to and get started on your journey towards providing quality care services in your area.



"I have worked in Care Sector as a Senior Social Worker over 16 years and I am therefore fully aware that the compliance, quality assurance and legislative framework are very complex and time consuming. I chose a SureCare franchise to tackle time consuming issues so that I am able to concentrate on business development, relationship building, market growth and staff training. I now have more than 109 service users and, with the support of SureCare, our weekly hours have more than tripled in 18 months and we are looking to double them again by summer 2017."

Sami Haider, Southend

"I started off as a carer and then worked as a manager in the office of a care franchise, so I chose a franchise when I decided to start my own business. Care is heavily regulated and when I started the regulations were in flux, so I wanted the support of a franchisor. I’ve now got about 100 service users and have built up a team of 40 staff. I need much less franchisor support now, but it’s always there if needed and I talk regularly with other franchisees. We swap tips, advice and ideas so the franchise comes with a useful network."

Anne Anyon, Preston & South Ribble