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Franchising – the low risk way to become your own boss in 2019

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Starting up your own business in the home care sector can feel like a daunting prospect in the early stages. To put your mind at ease, franchising with SureCare offers you the freedom to be your own boss whilst providing essential support along the way.

There can be so many hurdles to overcome when setting up a new business venture on your own. What’s worse, a lot of those barriers will often be mental ones that you put there yourself. Concerns about finances, other commitments or even self-doubt can creep in and throw you off your natural rhythm.

That’s where SureCare is able to offer budding business owners with a lifeline. With the help of our franchising support team, you can be sure you’ll stay on track every step of the way and beyond.

Limiting the potential risks

When you decide to start your own business, there are so many potential pitfalls to be aware of. With the help of a franchisor like SureCare, you get complete peace of mind that you won’t face these risks alone. Instead, you’ll receive the support and advice from highly experienced professionals who’ve done it all many times before.

SureCare has helped over 50 individual franchise operators up and down the country to open their doors for business. Our franchisees have gone on to successfully run their own businesses, whilst being able to rely on support from our head office should they ever need it.

Being your own boss

Setting up your own business also comes with the benefit of being your own boss. This is often a dream for many people, but very few actually get to make it a reality. With your own team of care workers and management staff behind you, you’ll be able to make a successful living going at your own pace.

Unlike other business owners, however, you’re never entirely alone when it comes to making some key decisions. By running your own business based on a tried and tested model, you get the best of both worlds in operating without interference, but the knowledge that dedicated support is available at any time.

Choosing to franchise with SureCare

As SureCare celebrates 25 years in business, 2019 is the perfect time for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners like you to become your own boss by pursuing a franchising opportunity.

Our business development managers will be on hand to guide you as your new business takes shape, whilst our franchising support team have a wealth of experience in providing ongoing help where necessary.

To find out how franchising with SureCare can help you to become your own boss in 2019, get in touch with us today on 01244 321 199 or email



"We chose a franchise because it gives support on time-consuming issues such as policy, procedures and legislation, so it left us free to provide care. When we started out eight years ago, we were the sole carers, as well as looking after the marketing the business. Today we have 60 staff providing care for more than 100 children and older people."

Caron Oldreive & Cheryl Hawksworth, Doncaster

"I don’t come from a care background, but became interested in running a business in this sector after caring for my grandfather. I saw how difficult it is for older people to continue to live on their own without day-to-day support. I like the ethos of SureCare, which is all about providing clients with the highest possible quality of care. It allows me to run my own successful business while also giving back to the community."

Amrit Dhaliwal, Oxfordshire
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