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Case study: How SureCare Doncaster uses Facebook to grow their business

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There are many demanding aspects of business when it comes to growing your individual branch of SureCare. One franchisee, however, is leading the way in utilising new technology to advance their growth.

One of the more challenging aspects of operating a SureCare branch involves finding and recruiting the right people to join your already impressive team of remote care workers. Whilst specialist recruitment support is available from our head office team, a lot of the work comes down to the advertising efforts of individual operators in their local areas.

Over at SureCare Doncaster, franchise operator Michael Oldreive has taken his recruiting efforts a step further by embracing the power of social media. Using a revolutionary method to attract the attention of care workers in and around Doncaster, the branch has experienced incredibly positive results in just a few short months.

SureCare Doncaster takes to Facebook

As part of their ongoing recruitment drive locally, Michael and the management team at SureCare Doncaster have been using Facebook for a while to drum up interest in the area. Despite their best efforts, this hasn’t always delivered strong and positive results in the past.

The team historically found their results to be a bit inconsistent and not always matching up with their advertising budget. Through some persistence and expert guidance from SureCare’s social media partner, however, the Doncaster branch has seen a massive turnaround in recent months. Now, they lead the way for home care recruitment in the area.

Social Media 92 increases the support

Last year, at our annual conference in Chester, we introduced SureCare’s newest partnership with social media marketing specialist Josh Lucy. As the director of his company Social Media 92, Josh has been providing several SureCare branches across the country – like SureCare Doncaster – with advice, support and guidance to improve their results when advertising through Facebook.

“Since Josh has been managing our recruitment campaign, the rate of enquiries we are receiving has more than doubled,” said Michael Oldreive. Not only has Social Media 92’s service provided a positive boost, the local council has praised SureCare Doncaster for their ability to recruit and retain care workers. This is particularly significant as other major care providers in the area have reportedly struggled to find and employ new staff.

Benefits of recruiting through Facebook

By focusing their attentions on the right audiences, Facebook posts and adverts can reach relevant people based on certain metrics like their location, age and even job history. For example, if someone from Doncaster with a background in healthcare has included this information on their Facebook profile, they may be presented with posts and updates from SureCare Doncaster.

With SureCare’s next annual conference coming up in April, Michael is getting ready to share his experiences of working with Social Media 92. By discussing the benefits of Facebook advertising with other franchisees in our network, we’re certain that more of our branches will embrace the power of recruiting through social media.

“Outsourcing our recruitment to Josh has proven to be a positive investment and a significant business development for our company.”

– Michael Oldreive, SureCare Doncaster


If you’re looking to start up a home care business in your area, speak to SureCare to find out how a potential franchising opportunity may be right for you.

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"I started off as a carer and then worked as a manager in the office of a care franchise, so I chose a franchise when I decided to start my own business. Care is heavily regulated and when I started the regulations were in flux, so I wanted the support of a franchisor. I’ve now got about 100 service users and have built up a team of 40 staff. I need much less franchisor support now, but it’s always there if needed and I talk regularly with other franchisees. We swap tips, advice and ideas so the franchise comes with a useful network."

Anne Anyon, Preston & South Ribble

"We chose a franchise because it gives support on time-consuming issues such as policy, procedures and legislation, so it left us free to provide care. When we started out eight years ago, we were the sole carers, as well as looking after the marketing the business. Today we have 60 staff providing care for more than 100 children and older people."

Caron Oldreive & Cheryl Hawksworth, Doncaster