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Finding the funds for your franchise investment

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For many people wanting to start their own new business, one of the biggest hurdles is finding the money for their initial investment. However, what a lot of people may not know is that many high street banks are ready and willing to provide a huge helping hand.

As the economy aims to recover from the effects of the pandemic, HSBC UK has announced that they are launching a £500 million franchising fund to help give new business operators a kick-start. This is a significant boost from one of the country’s biggest high street banks, focused on the franchising industry to support small and medium enterprises across the UK.

Now more than ever, people are relying on entrepreneurs and business owners to help get the economy back on its feet. To meet the challenge, the franchising industry is rapidly growing with numbers at a record high. This is down to the expansion plans of existing franchises and a rise in younger people wanting to run their own businesses.

Franchise businesses now contribute an estimated £17 billion to the UK economy, according to figures published by the British Franchise Association (BFA). The recent support from HSBC will help to give a wide range of businesses more of an opportunity to flourish as franchising continues to be a popular option for entrepreneurs.

Franchising with SureCare

Franchising is so popular because it offers a quick and smart route to business. Starting up entirely on your own is a significant challenge. However, with the support of a franchisor like SureCare behind you, budding business owners can achieve their dreams of being their own boss and running their own operations. This is all thanks to our tried-and-tested business model along with decades of expertise working in the care industry.

Finding the funds for your initial investment might be tough, but this is where lenders come in. Here at SureCare, we have strong relationships with major high street banks, with HSBC being one of our preferred lenders. Many banks and lenders, like HSBC, have specific Franchising Division departments focused solely on helping franchise businesses like SureCare to offer advice, guidance and financial support to new entrepreneurs.

They can help a new franchisee by lending up to 70% of the total required investment for a SureCare Franchise. This means that budding business owners looking to join SureCare will only need a minimum cash investment of £25,000 – then banks can lend the remaining amount. With a business loan, new franchisees can secure a suitable investment that covers franchising fees and initial working capital to get a new business off the ground.

Why choose the home care industry?

There are many different sectors to start up your new business in, so choosing the right one is such a huge decision. If you want to operate in a future-proof sector that consistently makes a positive difference in people’s lives, working in home care might just be the right option for you.

SureCare franchisees provide vital care services to people in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Whether someone needs round-the-clock assistance, support for a disability or a few regular visits to help with housework, SureCare’s range of available services can cater to virtually anybody with a tailored care package.

What’s more, it’s not necessary to have any previous experience working in healthcare, as we provide full training and ongoing support. To become a SureCare franchisee, we mainly look for a few other qualities like dedication, hard work and strong management skills to ensure that you would be a great fit for our network of home care operators.

Over the last three decades, SureCare has become well established as one of the UK’s leading providers of quality home care. With the strength of our brand reputation behind you – as well as our franchise support team and business development managers – franchisees are safe in the knowledge that they’re making a sensible investment in an important industry.

Want more information on franchising with SureCare? Get in touch with us by calling 01244 321 199 or sending an email to to request a franchising brochure or arrange a discovery session with us.



"I have worked in Care Sector as a Senior Social Worker over 16 years and I am therefore fully aware that the compliance, quality assurance and legislative framework are very complex and time consuming. I chose a SureCare franchise to tackle time consuming issues so that I am able to concentrate on business development, relationship building, market growth and staff training. I now have more than 109 service users and, with the support of SureCare, our weekly hours have more than tripled in 18 months and we are looking to double them again by summer 2017."

Sami Haider, Southend

"We chose a franchise because it gives support on time-consuming issues such as policy, procedures and legislation, so it left us free to provide care. When we started out eight years ago, we were the sole carers, as well as looking after the marketing the business. Today we have 60 staff providing care for more than 100 children and older people."

Caron Oldreive & Cheryl Hawksworth, Doncaster