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If you’ve chosen to franchise with an existing company to start your own new business, there will be many things to consider next. Ideally, you’ll want to join a franchisor with a unique business model that helps you to grow a successful and positive business.

Operating in the home care market, SureCare offers one of the most effective ways to reach out and have a positive impact on your local community. What’s more, our range of available services sets us apart from other home care providers, allowing franchisees to start growing their business from day one.

When you start a new business in home care, your first priority is to become registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) – the independent regulator for care services throughout England. Unfortunately, CQC registration can take approximately 8-12 weeks to complete, effectively preventing you from providing services for the first few months of your business.

To help bridge that gap, therefore, SureCare operators can rely on a suite of non-regulated services to assist people in other ways throughout the local community. What’s more, many of our unregulated services are often in high demand, so you can ensure your business gets off the ground running.

What are unregulated services?

Unlike personal care where services are focused on an individual’s health and wellbeing, unregulated services aim to provide a helping hand for domestic tasks and additional chores. Your team of care workers can carry out general cleaning jobs around somebody’s home, including dusting, vacuuming, washing the dishes and emptying the bins.

Outside of the home, you can also help your clients by running errands to pick up prescriptions or do the weekly shop. In fact, our shopping service has become one of SureCare’s most popular features in recent months. By carrying out a client’s weekly shop on their behalf, SureCare teams across the country have greatly helped many older or vulnerable clients who’ve been isolating at home.

The range of unregulated services is expansive and continues to grow as we discuss new ideas with our service users and care teams. Your team can also assist with things like garden maintenance, light handiwork around the home and providing companionship to those living alone. This is particularly useful to provide a sense of familiarity and comfort during visits from a gas engineer or plumber.

Additional streams of revenue

It’s not just older people who can benefit from our additional services. Your new business will be able to provide facilities for youngsters to put the minds of busy parents at ease. From babysitting services to offering a mobile crèche for weddings and corporate events, your care team can help to keep the little ones entertained while the grown-ups are otherwise occupied.

SureCare franchisees can also work with and assist other local care providers to ensure that the most vulnerable people in the community are well cared for. This means potentially offering staffing solutions to nearby care homes at times when they may be short staffed, which can also help you with another source of income.

Many of our existing franchise operators have also had the freedom to focus on local charities and organisations near and dear to them. From food banks to homeless shelters, you and your workforce can volunteer some time to help enrich the lives of people in your community and get the word out about SureCare at the same time.

Head Office support

By franchising, you’re not limiting yourself to develop your business alone. SureCare’s franchising support team is behind you every step of the way to assist you in the initial start-up of your business and beyond. You can rely on the knowledge and expertise of our head office team as you make your own way in the world of home care.

Whether you have a background in care or not, we can provide you with all the relevant training, guidance and business support to keep you and your operations on track. This is what makes investing in a SureCare franchise a truly unique opportunity.

To find out more information on maximising your potential by franchising with SureCare, simply get in touch with us today and let’s discuss how you can get started with your own home care business.

You can call our Head Office on 01244 321 199 or send an email to – don’t forget to include “Franchising” in your subject line so we can easily direct your enquiry.



"I started off as a carer and then worked as a manager in the office of a care franchise, so I chose a franchise when I decided to start my own business. Care is heavily regulated and when I started the regulations were in flux, so I wanted the support of a franchisor. I’ve now got about 100 service users and have built up a team of 40 staff. I need much less franchisor support now, but it’s always there if needed and I talk regularly with other franchisees. We swap tips, advice and ideas so the franchise comes with a useful network."

Anne Anyon, Preston & South Ribble

"I have worked in Care Sector as a Senior Social Worker over 16 years and I am therefore fully aware that the compliance, quality assurance and legislative framework are very complex and time consuming. I chose a SureCare franchise to tackle time consuming issues so that I am able to concentrate on business development, relationship building, market growth and staff training. I now have more than 109 service users and, with the support of SureCare, our weekly hours have more than tripled in 18 months and we are looking to double them again by summer 2017."

Sami Haider, Southend
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