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5 advantages to franchising with SureCare

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Starting your own business and being your own boss is dream for many people. Franchising with an existing company offers you an easier route to guaranteed success, making it one of the most popular ways to start a new business.

For almost 30 years, SureCare has been helping entrepreneurs to launch their own businesses in the home care market. With our acquired knowledge and experience in both managing successful businesses and understanding the care industry, our franchisees have been able to deliver vital care services to people up and down the country.

It can be a daunting experience at the best of times to start your own business from scratch. However, by choosing the franchising route, you can benefit from certain advantages that you wouldn’t necessarily get by going it alone. Here we take a look at five of the key reasons why franchising with SureCare can help you on your way to making your business a success.

Reduce the risk

There’s always going to be some element of risk when you start out on a new venture. With so many considerations to make before you get the ball rolling, it can be difficult to keep track of everything, especially if you’re doing it on your own.

By franchising with a larger business like SureCare, you’ll receive dedicated business support from a team of people who have a proven track record. With our knowledge and expertise behind you, you’ll face a significantly reduced level of risk. This allows you to operate your own home care business comfortably, knowing that further assistance if available if you need it.

Brand recognition and reputation

One of the trickiest things for any new business is getting noticed in the first place. Trying to get your name out there and reaching the appropriate customer base often requires a lot of time and effort to build recognition of who you are and what you do.

Franchising with an already established brand means that half the battle is already done. SureCare has a strong reputation for quality home care services across the country, so you can make an instant and positive first impression when reaching out to members of your local community.

No specialist experience is necessary

When it comes to a specialist area like home care, many entrepreneurs may naturally feel put off if they don’t have any previous experience working in a health or care setting. However, it’s entirely possible to operate a SureCare franchise regardless of industry experience.

SureCare offers a management franchise so your main responsibilities will involve growing the business while your care team handle day-to-day operations. In the past, we’ve welcomed new franchise owners from a range of different backgrounds but with the strong people skills and management experience that’s handy to tackle the tasks ahead.

Financing assistance

Any new business needs a bit of capital behind it to get off the ground. This initial investment is vital to giving your venture the kick-start it needs, and generally the more you can invest the better.

To help things along a bit, many banks and lenders can offer business loans. What’s more, your application is more likely to be successful when you franchise with an already established company. SureCare has strong and lasting relationships with many high street banks thanks to our successful franchising record, so you can receive a little extra financing assistance to get started.

Training and support

Unlike going it alone, franchising also allows you to benefit from receiving expert training and guidance. With SureCare, your business gets a significant head start with a tried and tested business model and plan already in place, followed by an intensive induction training course.

Once you’re up and running, we don’t just leave you to get on with it. Additional support and refresher training is always available, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our head office franchising team and nationwide network of franchisees. This puts you a step ahead of other care businesses that wouldn’t necessarily have this level of support on their own.

To get started with your own new business in the home care sector, get in touch with SureCare to find out more about we can help you and whether our franchising proposition is the right move for you.

Call us on 01244 321 199 or send an email to to request our franchising brochure and we can also arrange to book a discovery session with you, either remotely or in person.



"We chose a franchise because it gives support on time-consuming issues such as policy, procedures and legislation, so it left us free to provide care. When we started out eight years ago, we were the sole carers, as well as looking after the marketing the business. Today we have 60 staff providing care for more than 100 children and older people."

Caron Oldreive & Cheryl Hawksworth, Doncaster

"I started off as a carer and then worked as a manager in the office of a care franchise, so I chose a franchise when I decided to start my own business. Care is heavily regulated and when I started the regulations were in flux, so I wanted the support of a franchisor. I’ve now got about 100 service users and have built up a team of 40 staff. I need much less franchisor support now, but it’s always there if needed and I talk regularly with other franchisees. We swap tips, advice and ideas so the franchise comes with a useful network."

Anne Anyon, Preston & South Ribble