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By franchising with SureCare, you can create and run your own business in the care sector with the backing of a respected brand and support materials.

We’re currently in a period of social and economical change in our country’s history, with significant rises in population figures. More of us are living longer and many young working couples are starting families. This has led to a rise in home care services causing the market to expand faster than ever before.


SureCare offers a wise investment to people who want to run their own business. Operating under the SureCare brand, your business can reap the benefits of our structured support system to aid your future growth, development and compliance of your services. Our business development managers will help to support you in various ways for example finance, sales and marketing campaigns and developing innovative ways to grow your business.


Find out more about the various aspects that should compel you to franchise with SureCare:

In today’s society, life expectancy has never been higher. However, as more and more of us get older, it becomes increasingly difficult for those living alone to maintain their independence.

Around two-thirds of the UK’s Home Care Market Value is currently spent on caring for over 65s, making care for the elderly and those suffering with serious illnesses – like dementia – a key priority within this sector.

At SureCare, not only do we provide care services for elderly clients, we strive to help and support people at all stages of life’s journey. From young families to those with disabilities, it’s our priority to ensure our clients are cared for inside their own homes.

By franchising with SureCare, you’re backed up by a nationally recognised and well-respected brand within the care sector. This also allows you to tap into our intensive training and support for all aspects of business, so you can keep providing an exceptional service.

We’re always on hand to support you further in areas like finance, marketing and business development, with specialist recruitment available across a range of roles. Whether you’re in need of experienced care workers in your area, or another pair of hands in the office, the SureCare support structure can help you.

Above all of this, you can take pride in the knowledge that your business provides vital services to those who desperately need it. SureCare franchises help to enrich the lives of people in local communities, whether they require constant care or just a helping hand now and then.

By investing in a SureCare franchise, not only will you benefit from our support structure and making great achievements in your community. You also have the opportunity to create and run your own successful business in one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK.

As the company offers such a wide range of services throughout the care sector, your franchise can benefit from multiple revenue streams. Whilst home care for the elderly forms a large part of this, other services like childcare, complex care, support for those people living with mental or physical disabilities, and those suffering from dementia can make a real difference.

The home care market in the UK is growing quite rapidly as more and more people choose to stay in their own homes for longer. This allows them to maintain a sense of independence and home comfort, with fewer people moving into retirement and residential homes.



"I have worked in Care Sector as a Senior Social Worker over 16 years and I am therefore fully aware that the compliance, quality assurance and legislative framework are very complex and time consuming. I chose a SureCare franchise to tackle time consuming issues so that I am able to concentrate on business development, relationship building, market growth and staff training. I now have more than 109 service users and, with the support of SureCare, our weekly hours have more than tripled in 18 months and we are looking to double them again by summer 2017."

Sami Haider, Southend

"We chose a franchise because it gives support on time-consuming issues such as policy, procedures and legislation, so it left us free to provide care. When we started out eight years ago, we were the sole carers, as well as looking after the marketing the business. Today we have 60 staff providing care for more than 100 children and older people."

Caron Oldreive & Cheryl Hawksworth, Doncaster