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Why Neighbourhood is Becoming More Important

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Thirty per cent of Britons feel closer to their neighbourhood than they did ten years ago, according to a new survey.

Ben Page, Chief Executive of Ipsos Mori, which conducted the poll, said he believed the increasing use of technology was probably behind the rising trend.

He said: “People are interested in the local, they can connect with people locally – the internet allows them to do that.”

Ben’s comments are reinforced by the views of Kate Fox, a leading social anthropologist, who observed:

The human brain is wired to live in small close-knit tribal groups.

The shift towards increasing interest and connection with local communities is something that has been identified by the likes of the major supermarkets which are now increasing the number of smaller stores they develop in town centres.

SureCare is also actively looking at ways in which it can provide a community of care services for life’s journey on a more local level and will be announcing exciting plans on this subject in the coming weeks.

With our ever ageing population, the need for quality, trusted local care services will be increasingly important and it is vital that established providers like SureCare are able to respond to the needs of older people and their families.