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Why Franchising is Popular

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Franchising is increasingly seen as an attractive route to starting your own business.

In the UK alone, the franchise sector’s annual turnover is an eye-watering £14billion. The number of franchisor brands operating here is almost 1000, the number of franchise outlets 40,000 and the number of people employed by franchises in excess of 500,000.

To put these facts into some kind of context, 20 years ago the industry’s turnover stood at £5billion and there were fewer than 400 franchisor brands in existence in the UK.

In the two decades since then, franchising in the UK has really come of age. It is now seen as both an excellent way for a brand to grow and, equally, for an individual to take the giant step of becoming their own boss.

Franchising is great because it allows people to become their own bosses but without all of the risk involved in setting up from scratch on their own.

These are just a few of the many attractions of becoming a franchisee and which go some way to explaining why franchising is so popular in the UK:

1. A proven brand

2. Established business process and structure

3. Intensive training before you launch your franchise

4. Ongoing support and the knowledge

5. Sales, Marketing, PR and Business Development expertise and support

6. Exclusivity of a certain area in the UK

7. The ability to take on other franchise areas as you become established and successful

8. The ability to access finance to grow your franchise is often easier than if you are running your own business start-up.

Here at SureCare, we are seeing the increasing popularity of franchising first hand. We may be in the care sector, but our candidates to become franchisees are coming from many walks of life. They have two very strong traits in common, firstly a desire to set up in business but with the support and infrastructure of a proven brand, and, secondly, a desire to get involved in possibly the fastest growing franchise sector in the UK.

There is no such thing as a guaranteed business success, but by buying into an already established, proven business model – with clearly defined services, products and processes – you are giving yourself a fantastic chance of building something really successful.

SureCare is ready to help you take the first step on your exciting journey to becoming a successful franchisee.