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Support the social care sector with a SureCare franchise

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The social care sector in the UK today is struggling to cope with high demand for care services. By launching your own home care business, you can be part of the solution in supporting people requiring assistance at home and relieving the pressure on the wider healthcare system.

Home care services are becoming more and more important by the day, with no signs of slowing down. If you’ve ever considered starting a business that positively contributes to the well-being and livelihoods of people in the local community, there’s never been a better time to join the care sector.

To give you an extra helping hand, SureCare has plenty of franchising opportunities within the care sector today. With our unique franchising support, we can help you on your journey towards establishing and growing a successful care business.

Whether or not you have previous experience in setting up a new business or working in the care sector, here at SureCare we have a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to assist you every step of the way. Getting a new business off the ground needn’t be a daunting task when you franchise with us.

Why choose the care sector?

It’s hard to escape the news stories about the crisis in the healthcare system right now. Several different factors are contributing to the present crisis, from our ageing population to limited numbers of care staff. The combination of these factors has caused demand for care services to grow quite rapidly, often having a knock-on effect on the health service as patients can’t be safely discharged without securing the necessary aftercare.

The majority of care services in the UK are delivered to people over the age of 65, who currently make up around 18% of the population today. As the average life expectancy increases and our ageing population grows, it’s expected that the number of over 65s with grow to 20% this decade and even reach 25% – 1 in 4 of the total population – by the year 2050.

On top of this demographic, many people under 65 also require care and assisted living services on a daily basis. From children with learning difficulties to adults living with complex conditions, home care is able to provide a vital lifeline to anyone in need of additional support.

Care services are in high demand already, and this is only set to continue well into the future. The care sector needs to grow quite rapidly to keep up with this demand, which means a significant boost in the numbers of care providers and care staff is much needed. And that’s where you can come in…

Why franchise with SureCare?

By establishing your own business in care, you can help to recruit care staff and increase the capacity of available care services in your local area. But starting up a new business from scratch is often a daunting prospect, especially if you’ve never done it before. Franchising with an existing company, however, offers a safer and simpler route to getting off the ground.

Here at SureCare, we have fine-tuned our franchise business model to ensure that new and existing franchisees receive the right level of business support from day one. We continuously strive to make franchising with SureCare one of the most effective ways to start your own business in home care that supports people right across your local community.

Due to the widespread demand, home care is one of the most lucrative sectors to operate in at the moment. What’s more, as a service that continues to support our ageing population, care will always be needed in the long-term future. This makes care business much more resilient in the face of recessions or other economic downturns.

Your business will have the opportunity to grow and flourish, while you and your dedicated care staff take pride in helping others. Operating a business in home care is one of the most rewarding ways to give back to your community. With franchising support from SureCare, you can make a stable living alongside giving vital assistance to those who most need it.

To find out more information about how SureCare’s franchising opportunity can support you in launching and operating your own business in home care, get in touch with us today. Call us on 01244 321 199, or email to to request our franchising prospectus and arrange an initial discovery meeting with our franchising team.



"We chose a franchise because it gives support on time-consuming issues such as policy, procedures and legislation, so it left us free to provide care. When we started out eight years ago, we were the sole carers, as well as looking after the marketing the business. Today we have 60 staff providing care for more than 100 children and older people."

Caron Oldreive & Cheryl Hawksworth, Doncaster

"I don’t come from a care background, but became interested in running a business in this sector after caring for my grandfather. I saw how difficult it is for older people to continue to live on their own without day-to-day support. I like the ethos of SureCare, which is all about providing clients with the highest possible quality of care. It allows me to run my own successful business while also giving back to the community."

Amrit Dhaliwal, Oxfordshire