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Providing support for homelessness in the Barnet & Brent community

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SureCare Barnet & Brent have joined forces with local charity Street Kind UK to offer help for homeless people in their community.

Street Kind UK launched back in February and the team at SureCare Barnet & Brent has been working alongside the charity since the very beginning. As levels of homelessness continue to rise across London, Street Kind have made it their mission to reach out and provide help however they possibly can.

As a non-profit community organisation, Street Kind is entirely reliant on additional support from individual volunteers and local businesses. The guys from SureCare Barnet & Brent have volunteered time and donated funds to help make a considerable contribution in improving the lives of those less fortunate.

Continued support

Earlier this year, Farah, Shaun, Ali and the Barnet & Brent team received high praise from Street Kind UK with a message that regarded us as “a consistent pillar of support” for the charity. The continued support from our business hasn’t gone unnoticed, as it’s allowed Street Kind to provide regular relief to homeless people in London.

We have joined the Street Kind UK team on multiple community outreaches, meeting with homeless people in our community. This helped us to find out about the real stories and challenges faced by the people who often feel they have nowhere to turn to.

Street Kind UK have informed us that the donations offered by SureCare Barnet & Brent have had a significant impact. They have been able to buy 30 new sleeping bags, 10 rucksacks and other essentials items like toiletries and food supplies, reaching out to the people who need that all-important support.

How it affects SureCare

As part of the SureCare network, the team at Barnet & Brent are committed to providing quality home care services. However, we have also made it our mission to go above and beyond to support members of our community. That’s why we took the initiative to reach out in aid of local charities.

During our recent CQC visit, the inspectors were impressed by our additional charity work and the message of gratitude we received from Street Kind UK. Whilst it falls outside of what’s typically inspected by the CQC, our support for other parts of the community shows the Commission just how dedicated we are to improving people’s lives right across the community.

You can find out more about Street Kind UK and the amazing work they do for homeless people throughout London by visiting their Facebook page. They have also put together a short video highlighting the work they do, which you can watch below:


This article was originally published on the SureCare Barnet & Brent branch site.


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