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Press Release: Community Focus Key to Meeting Needs of Elderly

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IPPR report welcomed by leading care provider

Britain’s care providers will only meet the needs of the growing elderly population by becoming more community-focused.

Leading care company SureCare was reacting to today’s report by the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) which highlighted how the number of older people needing care will “outstrip” the number of family members able to provide it.

The IPPR went on to say that the country must “build new community institutions” in order to adequately meet demand.

Gary Farrer, Managing Director of SureCare, said his company’s strategy was in line with the IPPR report having this week launched the care sector’s first ever micro franchises.

SureCare says its pioneering franchise model will allow more people to become franchisees, while providing more targeted services in local communities.

Micro franchisees – known as SureCare Local – will be able to offer a range of unregulated services including home services such as DIY, gardening and cleaning, as well as babysitting, holiday clubs and a mobile crèche service for weddings and other events.

Gary Farrer said: “The old ways of providing care to the elderly are incapable of meeting today’s demands from an ever growing population of older people. The IPPR is totally right to be talking about the need for a much greater focus on neighbourhood networks and strengthening links in local communities.

“Our micro franchises will provide older people and a comprehensive range of unregulated home services which are essential in helping them to retain their independence and continue living in their own homes into their later years.”

SureCare believes that the micro franchises will appeal to those already working in the care or healthcare profession, but also to young people in their 20s, the retired and semi-retired, people who have recently been made redundant and those who have left the armed services.

The micro franchise model is in line with the decision of some of the biggest supermarkets to increase the number of smaller stores they are opening in towns to better meet the needs of particular communities.

SureCare, which was founded in 1994, currently has 27 franchises and three branches in England.

The cost of becoming a SureCare micro franchisee will be from £7,000 covering a population of around 100,000 people. This compares to the £28,000 cost of the full SureCare franchise covering a much wider geographic area and offering care services regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The company was traditionally a provider of personal care and support (otherwise known as domiciliary care), but over the last 18 months has expanded into home services, child care and holiday and respite care.