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Fancy Changing Career with SureCare?

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One of the most common questions we get asked by people is: “Do I have to come from a care background to become a SureCare franchisee?”

People often assume that lack of experience of the care sector is a barrier to entry.

The reality is very different – in fact, we actively encourage people who have no background in care to contact us about franchise opportunities with SureCare.

For example, one of our most recent franchisees, Amrit Dhaliwal, who operates our franchise in Oxfordshire, had a background in the restaurant industry.

Amrit became interested in a SureCare franchise after being closely involved in the care of his grandfather and becoming passionate about the importance of providing our elderly with high quality care.

January and February are always busy months of the year for enquiries from potential franchisees and many of these enquiries come from people interested in making a career change.

So far this year, we have had enquiries from experienced care professionals working for various organisations as well as from a number of business people from completely different walks of life.

Due to the recent economic turmoil the country has experienced, we are finding people approaching us keen to become their own boss, perhaps after being made redundant from their company. They therefore have the means to meet the £28,000 cost of buying a SureCare franchise plus the working capital to ensure it can grow and develop.

We have franchises which offer baby-sitting services to their clients and others which are running mobile crèches at weddings and a range of other events. We have other franchisees who are providing a comprehensive range of home services to clients – everything from collecting the laundry, doing the weekly shop, taking someone to their local bridge club or simply spending time having a meal with a client. And we still, of course, have many franchisees providing clients with personal care and support (domiciliary care).
We have created a franchise opportunity in the care sector which is totally in tune with people’s requirements in the 21st century.

And, for franchisees, we have the infrastructure and business acumen to help them make a real success of any desire for a career change or fresh challenge.

Contact us today to begin your exciting new career.