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Following our annual conference in Tewkesbury this year, we looked forward to an evening packed with, live entertainment, a fabulous Gala Dinner and – perhaps most importantly – the awards ceremony where we honoured our top franchisees over the last twelve months.

Taking place at the Tewkesbury Park hotel in Gloucestershire, franchise operators from across the SureCare network joined us in celebrating 25 years of our business. Starting with a small drinks reception at 7pm, we enjoyed an eventful evening that allowed us to recognise the achievements of our franchisees over the last year.

Our awards pay tribute to those franchisees, branch managers and care workers who have gone above and beyond in different aspects of their daily operations. This year, ten recipients went home with various accolades from the SureCare HQ team as recommended by our business development managers, franchising support team and the franchisees themselves.

The results are in and our Award Winners for 2019 are…

SureCare Hertfordshire

Best Newcomer

SureCare Fylde & Wyre

Quality Award &
Care Worker of the Year

SureCare Rugby

Children’s Services Award

SureCare Chester

Branch Registered Manager of the Year

SureCare York

Achievement Award &
Registered Manager of the Year

SureCare Chester

Branch Care Worker of the Year

SureCare North Leeds

Outstanding Contribution to Care

SureCare Scarborough

National Care Worker of the Year


SureCare Doncaster

Franchisee of the Year

Congratulations to all of our winners for their outstanding achievements over the past year. Through all the hard work and dedication, we’re certain that SureCare will rise above the rest to become the number one home care provider throughout the UK.

The celebrations carried on long into the night with an impressive fireworks display, live music and a lot of singing and dancing. We’ll be back to do it all again next year, following another twelve months of success stories and newcomers to the SureCare family.

Want to join us as a SureCare franchisee next year? If you’re considering running your own business in the home care sector, speak to SureCare about a potential franchising opportunity today. Call us on 01244 321 199 or email for further information.


Every year, our annual conference provides everyone right across the SureCare network to come together and celebrate in the successes of the previous twelve months, and this year was no different.

From nationwide franchise operators to head office staff, we all came together at the Tewkesbury Park hotel in Gloucestershire on Friday 12th April. The annual conference allowed us the chance to cast our eyes back over the previous year as well as an opportunity to look towards the future of our business and the home care sector.

We were also joined by a few special guests to talk about emerging technologies and new ways of carrying out business on a daily basis. The full-day event allowed us all to have an opportunity to meet and socialise with some familiar faces and new additions throughout the SureCare family.


Kicking off at 10am with teas and coffees, everyone was able to mix and mingle before taking their seats. This is one of the most important parts of the day as it lets our franchisees get to know one another and catch up with the head office team. Once we’ve broken the ice, everyone tends to feel a bit more relaxed and ready to settle down for our morning presentations.

A brief welcome speech by SureCare’s Managing Director, Gary Farrer, touched upon the successes and challenges of the last year, as well as leading the celebrations from SureCare’s 25th year in business. Following that, we enjoyed various talks and updates from guest speakers and SureCare franchisees on a range of different topics.

First we had an exciting introduction to a new partner company One-Touch Health that has developed new software technology that provides an innovative, paperless rostering system. It also leverages Smart Mobile Technology to allow care workers to utilise the platform remotely on their mobiles, improving client care and business processes. We hope that SureCare franchisees will greatly benefit from the use of this platform going forward.

We rounded off the morning with discussions from our franchise operators in Doncaster and Oxfordshire, who were joined by our social media partner Josh Lucy and recruitment specialist Stuart Spinks respectively. We discovered how SureCare Doncaster had achieved positive results through Facebook advertising, followed by the excellent recruitment and retention strategies carried out by SureCare Oxfordshire.


After a delicious lunch break, franchisees from different branches teamed together for a series of workshops focusing on Sales and Leadership. This helped everyone to share their knowledge and unique approaches to running operations. We hope that many of our franchisees picked up a few new tips from each other on maximising their potential.

A couple of short presentations from some of our guest speakers completed the afternoon session. First we heard from The Grey Matter Group, who provide products and services to support learning and development. They provided us with a brief introduction to the new Lead to Succeed Training, which we hope our franchisees will greatly benefit from going forward.

Our final guest was motivational speaker Steve Cade, who travelled over from California but is originally from England. His strong advice and enthusiasm really ensured that everyone was entertained just as much as we were informed. After quite a long day of intense information, this was the perfect pick-me-up to make sure the day ended on a high for all attendees.

Gary Farrer drew the conference to a close once again and made sure we’d celebrate 25 years of business in style. Franchise operators along with partners and other guests were invited to join us for a glamorous evening at Tewkesbury Park a little later on, for our annual Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony.

We’d like to thank all of our franchisees, special guests and head office team who came along and contributed to our annual conference. We aim to make this the highlight of our business year and we really couldn’t do it without the help and support of all involved.

We’re also looking forward to sharing more about the evening’s events, along with details of our award winners, a little later this month.


This week we’re pleased to introduce the latest franchisee to join SureCare. Helping to bring our extensive range of quality home care services to the city of Peterborough, we welcome Rubie Rattan to our network.

Running the Peterborough branch as the sole franchisee, she will be in charge of managing her own care team and their operations. Her ultimate goal will be to continuously and consistently provide exceptional personal care services to vulnerable people throughout the city and in the surrounding areas.

With her initial week-long induction now complete, Rubie can now get down to the daily business of operating a SureCare franchise. She won’t be completely alone, however, as our Business Development Managers and franchise support team will be available to lend a hand whenever she might need it.

About Rubie

Rubie comes from an extensive background in the world of finance, having worked for a variety of different firms in the capital. Her impressive business knowledge and keen eye for keeping the books balanced are proof that she has some of the qualities that we look for in our franchise operators.

With years of professional experience behind her, our franchising team is certain that SureCare Peterborough will be in safe hands with Rubie. Additionally, our meetings with her in the early stages have given us the confidence that she is a hard-working individual with the right levels of compassion and dedication that we look for in our franchise operators.

Her decision to franchise with SureCare came about for a couple of reasons: a desire to change career and wanting to feel the benefits of working for herself. By contributing to the local community with an extensive range of home care services, Rubie will be able to set the schedules for her own team and oversee all the great work they will do.

Why SureCare?

There are several franchising opportunities available for new business owners looking to enter the home care sector. We’re pleased that Rubie chose to purchase a franchise with SureCare, as she felt our company stood out from other care providers in quite a competitive field.

With SureCare, our nationwide teams offer an extensive range of services to vulnerable people of all ages and abilities. Just as our care teams provide exceptional support to their communities, SureCare Franchising supports our franchisees in all areas of business to ensure they can operate smoothly and effectively.

Earlier this April, Rubie chame to our head office in Chester for a week-long induction course at our state-of-the-art training facilities. From there, she will be able to rely on the continued assistance of two experienced Business Development Managers: Nicola Bews and Jurgita Baublyte. They will be helping her over the coming weeks to gain registration with the CQC and to develop and promote the business across Peterborough.

SureCare’s Franchise Recruitment Manager, Josh Farrer, is delighted to welcome Rubie to the network and looks forward to what she can bring to the SureCare family.

He said: “Rubie brings with her a wealth of skills and knowledge from her past career, many of which she can transfer to her ownership of the Peterborough franchise. I’m excited to see her business develop and grow to become the number 1 go-to provider of safe and reliable personal home care right across Peterborough.”

Looking to start up a home care business to serve your local community? Find out how SureCare can help you with a potential franchising opportunity that will allow you to provide exceptional care services and manage your own operations.

Call Josh today on 01244 321 199 or email and ask about franchising in your area, and we can get started on discussing your new business venture.


There are many options available when it comes to operating in the home care sector. Whether you decide to start up independently or rely on the support of a franchise model, you’ll no doubt be aiming to provide the best possible service to people who need it.

When it comes to franchising with an already established company, there are plenty of businesses to choose from that it can be difficult to decide who to go with. That’s why here at SureCare, we’re determined to make sure our service offers franchisees the right balance of self-operation and network support.

If you’re thinking of starting your own business dedicated to helping some of the most vulnerable members of our society, find out how purchasing a SureCare franchise can benefit you, your ongoing operations and your growing base of service users.

Full training available

Most entrepreneurs or budding business owners who decide to pursue a business in home care will have some kind of experience of the services required on a daily basis. Perhaps you’re a medical professional or looking to make a career change and be your own boss. Or perhaps you’ve been a full-time carer for a family member with first-hand understanding of the level of work involved.

Even if you’ve never worked in home care before, SureCare makes it easy for you to run your own business by providing extensive training in multiple areas of operation. After a week-long intensive induction course at our head office in Chester, the franchise support team will always be on hand to give refresher training and dedicated assistance at any time in the future.

It’s our aim to ensure that SureCare operators up and down the country are well equipped to handle virtually any home care request. As much as our nationwide care teams provide vital support to service users, we believe it’s our duty to offer suitable assistance to our franchisees to ensure service levels and operations are kept to a high quality.

Financing support

Getting a new business off the ground is often an expensive feat, with many prospective business owners often relying on the financial support of a business loan through a bank or other lender. This can be quite a difficult, demanding and sometimes intimidating process, which is why we like to offer a hand in making things easier.

SureCare has long-standing relationships with many high street banks and lenders who have supported our franchisees in the past. With the SureCare name behind you, you’re more likely to be able to benefit from a business loan from a trusted and well-respected source.

Lenders we’ve worked with in the past are generally prepared to assist new SureCare franchisees by lending up to 70% of the total required investment amount. With franchise opportunities available around the £35,000 price point, it can be a big help for you to put forward a manageable personal investment amount while you rely on enough financial assistance to get you over the line.

Complete freedom of operation

Of course, the whole point of running your own business is to be free from interference by some higher power. We understand it can be a worry for franchisees to feel as though they might be under scrutiny from head office, which is why we aim to keep out of your way as much as possible.

This allows franchise operators to essentially be their own boss and conduct their business and processes in a way that suits them. Owners will be able to manage their own care teams, tailor care packages for service users and conduct local marketing campaigns without necessarily having to report back to head office for approval.

While our head office team won’t get in the way of your operations, one of the great benefits of joining the SureCare network is that support will be available at your request. Whether you need a bit of help recruiting new care workers in your area or assistance with compliance and quality control, you have the freedom to get in touch with our franchising support team whenever you may need to.

Franchising with SureCare

As more of the population are living longer, there is a real need right now for an increase in home care provisions. It’s expected that the number of people over 65 will rise significantly in the next decade or so, and many of us will be more likely to remain in the comfort of our own homes rather than more into residential care.

This year, SureCare celebrates 25 years in business as one of the nation’s leading home care providers and franchisors. Having built on our successes over the years, we have helped more than 50 franchise operators to set up their own services across the UK. We also aim to work with many more over the coming years to bring our quality care services to parts of the country we haven’t yet been able to reach.

If you’re looking to begin your own new business in a sector that’s dedicated to improving quality of life for all, pursuing a franchise opportunity with SureCare could be the right course of action for you.

Call our franchising team today on 01244 321 199 or email to get started on taking the first steps towards your new business venture.


Starting up your own business in the home care sector can feel like a daunting prospect in the early stages. To put your mind at ease, franchising with SureCare offers you the freedom to be your own boss whilst providing essential support along the way.

There can be so many hurdles to overcome when setting up a new business venture on your own. What’s worse, a lot of those barriers will often be mental ones that you put there yourself. Concerns about finances, other commitments or even self-doubt can creep in and throw you off your natural rhythm.

That’s where SureCare is able to offer budding business owners with a lifeline. With the help of our franchising support team, you can be sure you’ll stay on track every step of the way and beyond.

Limiting the potential risks

When you decide to start your own business, there are so many potential pitfalls to be aware of. With the help of a franchisor like SureCare, you get complete peace of mind that you won’t face these risks alone. Instead, you’ll receive the support and advice from highly experienced professionals who’ve done it all many times before.

SureCare has helped over 50 individual franchise operators up and down the country to open their doors for business. Our franchisees have gone on to successfully run their own businesses, whilst being able to rely on support from our head office should they ever need it.

Being your own boss

Setting up your own business also comes with the benefit of being your own boss. This is often a dream for many people, but very few actually get to make it a reality. With your own team of care workers and management staff behind you, you’ll be able to make a successful living going at your own pace.

Unlike other business owners, however, you’re never entirely alone when it comes to making some key decisions. By running your own business based on a tried and tested model, you get the best of both worlds in operating without interference, but the knowledge that dedicated support is available at any time.

Choosing to franchise with SureCare

As SureCare celebrates 25 years in business, 2019 is the perfect time for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners like you to become your own boss by pursuing a franchising opportunity.

Our business development managers will be on hand to guide you as your new business takes shape, whilst our franchising support team have a wealth of experience in providing ongoing help where necessary.

To find out how franchising with SureCare can help you to become your own boss in 2019, get in touch with us today on 01244 321 199 or email


There are many demanding aspects of business when it comes to growing your individual branch of SureCare. One franchisee, however, is leading the way in utilising new technology to advance their growth.

One of the more challenging aspects of operating a SureCare branch involves finding and recruiting the right people to join your already impressive team of remote care workers. Whilst specialist recruitment support is available from our head office team, a lot of the work comes down to the advertising efforts of individual operators in their local areas.

Over at SureCare Doncaster, franchise operator Michael Oldreive has taken his recruiting efforts a step further by embracing the power of social media. Using a revolutionary method to attract the attention of care workers in and around Doncaster, the branch has experienced incredibly positive results in just a few short months.

SureCare Doncaster takes to Facebook

As part of their ongoing recruitment drive locally, Michael and the management team at SureCare Doncaster have been using Facebook for a while to drum up interest in the area. Despite their best efforts, this hasn’t always delivered strong and positive results in the past.

The team historically found their results to be a bit inconsistent and not always matching up with their advertising budget. Through some persistence and expert guidance from SureCare’s social media partner, however, the Doncaster branch has seen a massive turnaround in recent months. Now, they lead the way for home care recruitment in the area.

Social Media 92 increases the support

Last year, at our annual conference in Chester, we introduced SureCare’s newest partnership with social media marketing specialist Josh Lucy. As the director of his company Social Media 92, Josh has been providing several SureCare branches across the country – like SureCare Doncaster – with advice, support and guidance to improve their results when advertising through Facebook.

“Since Josh has been managing our recruitment campaign, the rate of enquiries we are receiving has more than doubled,” said Michael Oldreive. Not only has Social Media 92’s service provided a positive boost, the local council has praised SureCare Doncaster for their ability to recruit and retain care workers. This is particularly significant as other major care providers in the area have reportedly struggled to find and employ new staff.

Benefits of recruiting through Facebook

By focusing their attentions on the right audiences, Facebook posts and adverts can reach relevant people based on certain metrics like their location, age and even job history. For example, if someone from Doncaster with a background in healthcare has included this information on their Facebook profile, they may be presented with posts and updates from SureCare Doncaster.

With SureCare’s next annual conference coming up in April, Michael is getting ready to share his experiences of working with Social Media 92. By discussing the benefits of Facebook advertising with other franchisees in our network, we’re certain that more of our branches will embrace the power of recruiting through social media.

“Outsourcing our recruitment to Josh has proven to be a positive investment and a significant business development for our company.”

– Michael Oldreive, SureCare Doncaster


If you’re looking to start up a home care business in your area, speak to SureCare to find out how a potential franchising opportunity may be right for you.

Call our head office on 01244 321 199 or send an email to and let’s get started on discussing your new business venture.


Franchising with SureCare is great way to operate your own business in the home care sector. But with various other home care franchisors out these, just what is it that makes SureCare stand out from the crowd?

We’re a multi-service provider

Whilst some home care providers focus solely on traditional domiciliary care, SureCare offers an expansive range of support services to benefit customers of all ages and abilities. From childcare professionals to dedicated live-in care workers, our teams all over the country have the ability to bring quality care to vulnerable people who desperately need it.

Increase your earning potential

With a wider selection of services in your toolkit, SureCare franchisees can reach more and more potential clients. Not only does this allow you to make a real difference in your local community, but it also means you and your business can rely on multiple revenue streams on a recurring basis.

Individually tailored territories

Franchising with SureCare allows you the ability to serve your local community, whether that consists of a small town and suburbs or a much wider region. You get the freedom to define your own territory to cover certain distances depending on how many customers you want to reach and how far your team of care workers are able to travel.

Unrivalled head office support

With financing assistance, exceptional training and marketing support, SureCare’s head office team is always on hand to help you and your business in your ongoing operations. From our intensive week-long induction course at our Chester headquarters, to regular follow-ups with dedicated Business Development Managers, it’s our mission to care for you as much as you care for your clients.

Become part of a dynamic company

As home care experts since 1994, SureCare is proud to celebrate our 25th year in business. Our franchise network has grown year on year and we currently boast more than 50 individual franchisees across the UK, providing vital care services for people at all stages of life’s journey.

If you’re looking to bring quality care services to your local area, get in touch with SureCare’s franchising team today. Call 01244 321 199 or send an email to and we can discuss a potential franchising opportunity with you.


Over the coming months, it’s understandable that entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners might be concerned about starting a new venture in the face of Brexit uncertainty.

However, by purchasing a franchise business in the home care sector, you can be sure of operating in an industry where there is a constantly rising demand for vital services.

At SureCare, we’ve provided a range of services to vulnerable people across the country, from traditional domiciliary care to disability care and child minding. Over the last 25 years, it has been our aim to support those most in need of quality care services no matter how the economic climate looks.

Following years of recession over the last decade or so, SureCare’s unique positioning in the home care market has allowed us to flourish. While it’s not entirely clear how the months and years after Brexit will shape up, we remain positive that franchising with SureCare offers a bold opportunity for new and existing operators alike.

Take a look at some of the key reasons why operating in the private home care sector can help you to resist any future recession that might head our way.

Ageing population

Whilst SureCare’s range of services covers people of all ages and abilities, a significantly large portion of our operations cater towards over 65s living independently in their own homes. Here we can offer an occasional helping hand for those who could do with a bit of extra support. Or alternatively, a live-in care worker can provide a more intensive, round-the-clock service if needed.

Domiciliary care amongst elderly people is growing in popularity, not only because of more people preferring to receive care at home, but also because more and more of us are living longer. The Office for National Statistics found that over 65s made up 18% of the UK’s total population in 2016, meaning that there are a lot of potential users requiring such services.

Using projections based on population growth and increasing life expectancy, the ONS has determined that by 2026, 1 in 5 people will be over the age of 65. This figure rises to 1 in 4 people by 2046. Despite any economic downturn, this expanding user base means that demand for home care services will continue to grow well into the future.

Multiple revenue streams

The expansive range of services that SureCare has to offer means that franchise operators aren’t just restricted to one source of revenue. By providing tailored care assistance to all sorts of users, your business can benefit from additional streams of recurring income.

SureCare’s services include support for those with physical or learning disabilities, those affected by dementia, and even working parents in need of professional childcare. Our franchising support and head office team can help franchisees with the appropriate training and to source specific materials and equipment for the jobs at hand.

Operating a SureCare franchise business allows you the opportunity to engage with people from all walks of life and to support them in new and unique ways. Not only will this expand your potential client base, it also increases the possibility of growth within your business to offer additional services and reach even more service users.

Essential services

The insatiable demand for care in later life has left government funded services struggling to cope. This leads to more and more people looking towards private providers for their home care support.

As a knock-on effect, there is a lot more focus on prioritising and valuing one’s own healthcare, allowing us to remain happy and healthy for as long as possible. Meanwhile, small luxuries like dining out, expensive clothing and short holidays become less important in the wider scheme of things.

This means that businesses in the leisure and entertainment sector will often be the ones to struggle a bit during times of recession. However, those in the healthcare sector have the unique ability to flourish and grow, even in times of economic hardship.

To find out more on how a franchising opportunity in the home care sector can help you to operate in a recession-resistant way, speak to SureCare today. You can call 01244 321 199 or send an email to and request further information on starting your new venture.


SureCare is off to a great start for what promises to be a big year in 2019, as we continue our growth across the country with three new franchisees.

Now entering our 25th year in business, we firmly have a target in our sights to become the leading home care franchise within the UK. Thanks to our tried and tested business model and unwavering support structure, SureCare has been the number one choice for over 50 franchisees so far.

With three new franchisees ready to begin their operations and many more plans ahead, we’re delighted to have the opportunity of welcoming more local teams into our ever-expanding family.

Bringing SureCare’s quality services to new parts of Cheshire, Derby and Greater Manchester, the latest franchisees to join our network have recently completed their initial training and induction with us at our head office in Chester. Over the coming weeks and months, they will begin building up their care teams and client bases so they can regularly provide quality care services to their local communities.

Here we meet the people behind our newest franchise operations and get to know a bit about them, what’s led them to their new venture in the world of home care with SureCare.

SureCare Central Cheshire

Friends and former colleagues Kirstie Hercules and Tina Jones have turned their attentions away from their previous work together, so they can begin a brand new venture in quality home care. As partners in the business, they will collaborate strongly when it comes to making some key decisions in the future.

Each partner brings her own highly experienced background and professional expertise. Both have previously held various senior positions within their Local Authority before joining SureCare, which demonstrates their suitability for leadership and the ability to adapt to different situations if and when necessary.

In operating SureCare Central Cheshire, Kirstie and Tina will be providing vital home care services to people throughout the market towns of Crewe and Nantwich, as well as smaller towns and villages in the surrounding area. Through this, they hope to bring exceptional levels of support to those who most need it.

SureCare Derby

Taking the helm at the new SureCare Derby branch is Rabina Kosar – a trained barrister with an eye for detail and quality. Her valuable skills will be a great asset when it comes to leading her excellent care team operating out of their branch in the Midlands.

Over the next few weeks, she’ll be working hard with SureCare’s franchising support team to develop her business. This includes completing CQC registration, as well as sourcing and recruiting outstanding care workers in the area. This will ensure services and staff are kept up to the highest of standards.

Rabina’s aim is to support clients of all ages and abilities with a range of quality care services, right across the Derby city area. With the help of SureCare’s Business Development Managers alongside her every step of the way, we’re glad to see the people of Derby receiving the essential aid they rightly deserve.

SureCare Stockport & Tameside

Over in Greater Manchester, Parjeet Chawla takes the lead in providing SureCare’s services to residents in the boroughs of Stockport and Tameside. Soon to open the doors, she’s presently assembling her core team of assistants and care workers, who will be ready to support new service users in their area very soon.

Parjeet brings with her a wealth of business experience, having taken on a variety of roles in her career so far. Simply through getting to know her during our initial meetings, the team at SureCare are completely confident that she embodies all the skills necessary to provide a dedicated and stand-out service from the very beginning.

Her ultimate aim is to become the number one home care provider within her franchise territory – a truly impressive target! SureCare Stockport & Tameside will make strides towards this goal by focusing on recruiting and retaining the best possible people to serve and support a growing list of clients in the near future.

As with all other franchisees in our network, each of these new operators will be fully supported by SureCare. Collectively, our highly experienced franchising team boasts over 100 years of combined experience within the care sector.

Thanks to this strong support structure, our tried and tested business model and our quarter of a century in business, it is SureCare’s continuing goal to expand our reach across the country to bring professional care services to everyone who truly deserves a helping hand.

SureCare’s National Recruitment Manager, Josh Farrer, said of our latest franchisees: “I am extremely excited to welcome these highly professional and passionate people into the SureCare franchise network.”

“I have personally spent a lot of time with each of them to ensure they were right for us and – equally as important – that we were right for them. I’m delighted to have this opportunity to work with these franchisees and watch their individual businesses flourish over time.”

If you have a desire to begin your own business bringing quality care services to people in your local area, get in touch with SureCare’s franchising team today to find out how we can help.

Call us on 01244 321 199 or send us an email at and let’s get the ball rolling on a potential franchising opportunity.


2019 promises to be a big year for SureCare, not least because this year we celebrate 25 years in business.

Established in 1994, our operations have grown from small and humble beginnings to become one of the nation’s largest and most trusted providers of quality home care services.

Starting out life as an independent branch operating in Chester, we provided vital home care services to local residents who desperately needed them. The dedication shown by our team of care workers and care industry professionals over the years has allowed them to share their knowledge and experience with others across the country.

As a franchisor, SureCare has worked with aspiring business owners to support them in spreading our own blend of quality care services far and wide. Our ultimate aim is to become one of the most recognised and well trusted care providers in the UK, which is a goal we’re now well on our way to reaching thanks to the hard work of our growing network of franchisees.

SureCare now boasts over 50 separate franchise operations across the UK, with many more new ventures on the horizon to extend the reach of our services. Over the next twelve months we’ll be meeting with new franchisees and helping them to establish and operate their own businesses utilising SureCare’s tried and tested model.

Our growing network

In recent years, our franchising efforts have allowed our network to grow widely and rapidly. This is a trend we aim to keep up going forward, so that SureCare’s diverse range of care services can reach more people in different areas of the UK.

We have helped budding business owners from various backgrounds to set up and manage their own branches and care teams. Previous experience in a medical or healthcare environment is helpful but not necessary, as SureCare’s Franchising team offers a range of specialist support and expertise.

Thanks to our unique team structure, SureCare offers dedicated Business Development Managers who look after specialist areas of business. Whether operators need a hand with maintaining care compliance, ensuring fantastic customer service, building local awareness or finding the right care workers for the job, we can provide the right support.

The important thing for our franchisees is to demonstrate the drive, compassion and commitment needed to efficiently providing vital services to those most in need.

Operating a business in the home care sector is a forward-thinking and recession-proof way to making a living and playing a key role in the community. With SureCare’s extensive and diverse range of services, franchisees can reach out to many more people in their area to offer appropriate support.

Not only does our variety of care services benefit those reliant on a helping hand, they also provide multiple sources of revenue and regular repeat service requests from people in all kinds of situations. As more and more people come to depend on care services – particularly in later life – home care providers are guaranteed to always be in high demand.

“Exceptionally proud”

At SureCare, we’ve been confident in our ability to provide existing and new franchisees with a suitable business model that is hugely diverse and effective in helping thousands of services around the country users every week.

Franchise Sales Manager, Josh Farrer, says: “We are exceptionally proud of what SureCare has achieved over our 25 years in business. It seems the saying ‘from acorns grow mighty oaks’ is a strong description for how SureCare has evolved over the years.”

“After starting off as a humble one-branch operation in Chester 25 years ago, today we have over 50 operations teams nationwide, with plans to continue expanding even further.”

“I’m very much looking forward to seeing what the next 25 years hold for SureCare and I’m hopeful that 2019 will keep the momentum building for our growing network.”

If you’re hoping to kick off a new business venture in 2019, speak to us to find out how a franchise operation in the home care industry can help you.

Call SureCare today on 01244 321 199 or send an email to for further information.


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