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Launching a new business in the care sector can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re starting from scratch. With franchising support from an already established provider like SureCare, you can get a head start on what it takes to deliver quality care services in your area.

If you’ve been thinking of starting your own business that is dedicated to supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our society today, franchising with SureCare provides you with a solid foundation to launch your operations and grow your services.

Not sure if franchising is right for you? Take a look at some of the key areas where a franchise opportunity with SureCare can support you on your way to success:

Knowledge and expertise

Established in 1994, SureCare is celebrating 30 years in business this year. And over the last three decades, we’ve capitalised on our experiences in the home care sector to build on our knowledge and expertise. Our head office team includes professionals from across various aspects of business, with a specific focus on policies, compliance and social trends affecting care services today.

From the first meeting to the moment you launch your new franchise (and beyond), our team of experts are on hand to support you with business development and guidance specific to the care industry. By choosing to franchise with SureCare, you can be sure that your business is supported by a nationally recognised and respected brand that will enable you to learn and grow in this vital market.

Training and support

Whether you have previous experience of home care or not, SureCare aims to make it as easy as possible for you to operate your own business. We do this by providing extensive training in key areas of commerce and the social care sector. You’ll begin with an intensive induction course at our Chester Head Office, where our franchise support team will equip you with all the basics in areas like policies and procedures, staff recruitment and training, and sales and marketing.

Our support never leaves you once you’re up and running, with refresher training and regular workshops available to assist you in future. Like many of our franchise operators throughout the country, we put compassionate support and assistance at the core of our service. It’s important to us to ensure our franchisees have the right levels of support and access to training resources whenever they are needed most.

Funding your franchise

Getting any new business off the ground requires a considerable investment of time, energy, and – yes – money! Acquiring the funds for your initial investment isn’t always straightforward, but this is another area where franchising with SureCare can help to speed up the process of securing a suitable business loan.

With our tried and tested franchise model, we can support you in putting together a viable business plan that banks and lenders require when going through the loan application process. SureCare’s experience in guiding franchisees through this, as well as our strong relationships with many of the major high street banks, are sure to put you in good stead as you raise the required funds to get started.

Operating your business your way

SureCare enables franchise operators to be their own boss and proceed at their own pace. The last thing you’d want as a franchisee is constant monitoring and being pushed in directions you’re not comfortable with. We try to stay out of your way as much as possible, allowing you and your care team to get on with delivering great quality services in a way that best suits you.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we’ll disappear completely. SureCare’s core head office team and the wider network of franchisees can provide support and guidance across a range of different aspects. You can always rely on us for advice if your plans aren’t turning out quite as expected. We’re here to help keep you on track, whilst also being mindful not to interfere too much in your business.

In this, our 30th anniversary year, SureCare is dedicated to supporting more new business owners looking to join the home care sector. You can help to provide vital services that are continuing to grow in demand, wherever you are in the UK.

Ready to get started with a SureCare franchise? Or need to find out more information first? Get in touch with us to take your first steps towards running your own business in a sector that’s dedicated to helping the most vulnerable people in our society. Simply call 01244 321 199 or email to get started.


SureCare welcomes new franchisees operating in Havering

As SureCare’s franchise network grows its reach and impact across the country, we’re pleased to announce that two new franchise operators will lead the way for our care services in Havering.

SureCare strives to deliver a range of high quality home care services to individuals who need them most. Thanks to our nationwide network of franchise operators, our services are reach people far and wide to help make a positive impact in their daily lives.

As we continue to welcome several new franchisees to SureCare, today we focus on the people behind our latest operations predominantly in the London Borough of Havering. Leading the way for SureCare Havering are Michelle Cupples and Laura Wilkins, who are making the final preparations before providing home care services to the local community.

About Michelle and Laura

Both Michelle and Laura have a passion for supporting others in both their personal and professional lives. Having both previously worked in education, they have made the leap to providing home care based on their own experiences in and outside of work.

They have witnessed first-hand the effectiveness of care on an individual’s quality of life, as they have previously provided informal care for a close relative living with dementia. Michelle and Laura also take inspiration from other family members who have volunteered in health and social care.

By working together, they intend to operate a business with family values at its heart. SureCare Havering will provide individuals throughout the local community with quality care services in a manner that strives to make service users feel happy, comfortable and safe within their familiar surroundings.

Joining SureCare

Earlier this year, Michelle and Laura attended our Chester Head Office to complete our intensive induction course, as part of SureCare’s comprehensive onboarding process. Now, they are focusing on launching the business together, under the guidance of Rachel Gallagher – SureCare’s National Support Manager. Rachel has regularly been on hand to support and guide Michelle and Laura throughout the necessary stages of setting up a home care business. These include following the CQC registration process, securing appropriate business insurance and establishing new office premises.

Once complete, Rachel will hand our new Havering franchisees to their dedicated Business Development Manager and SureCare’s wider franchising support team. It is at this point that Michelle and Laura will expand on their business’ operations in terms of recruiting staff, marketing their services and negotiating care contracts. We then look forward to seeing them achieving every success with SureCare Havering.

If you’re looking to launch a new business in the lucrative home care sector, why not discuss a potential franchising opportunity with SureCare.

To request our franchising prospectus and find out further information, simply call our Head Office line on 01244 321 199 or send an email to and let’s help you on the first step towards establishing a new home care business.

Why start your own business in home care?

Demand for quality care services at home has never been higher than it is today. The role of home care providers is becoming increasingly crucial, which is why potential SureCare franchisees like you can help make life easier for people in the local community.

As our ageing population continues to grow rapidly, families throughout the UK are seeking reliable and compassionate support services for their loved ones. Over the last decade, we’ve seen a greater need for more care providers throughout the UK, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here at SureCare, we’re determined to help as many people as we can by delivering quality home care services. But we can’t do it alone. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our franchise operators across the country, we’re able to support a wide range of individuals with daily living assistance.

If you’re an entrepreneur and looking to launch your own business, SureCare offers a comprehensive and robust franchise model to help you. This allows you to own and operate your own business in a highly sought-after industry. Not only is a SureCare franchise a wise investment for your future, it also helps to provide vital assistance for those who need our services the most.

What you need to know before launching a new business

Starting your own business in any sector is always a significant decision – one that requires careful consideration of a whole range of factors. Aspects will generally include ensuring you have the right capital behind you, setting out a viable business plan and finding the right staff to keep the wheels turning effectively.

On top of these considerations, there are some additional specifics you’ll need to think about before operating in the care sector. In providing vital support for often vulnerable people, your business will require certain policies, procedures and safeguarding measures in place. This is why franchising can help to make things a bit easier for you, especially if you don’t have a lot of previous experience working in care.

  • Financial Considerations: Starting a home care franchise requires a considerable investment of time and money. It can take a while to properly establish a new home care business before you begin earning income from clients. That’s why we advise franchisees to have enough working capital behind them, on top of our standard franchise fee. SureCare can provide guidance on securing a suitable business loan to help you gather the funds for your initial investment.
  • Regulations and Policies: Businesses operating in the care sector are subject to industry regulations and safeguarding requirements. As your business will be dealing with potentially vulnerable people, it is imperative that you are able to demonstrate compliance with the appropriate policies, procedures and legal responsibilities. SureCare is able to support you and keep you informed of any wider legislative changes affecting the care sector.
  • Training and Support: In addition to policies and procedures, SureCare has a wealth of experience in supporting franchisees with general business management. This includes guidance on aspects like recruitment, marketing, and negotiating new care contracts. With our reliable support system in place, we can provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to boost your chances of success.
  • Passion and Dedication: Caring for others is very rewarding and can give you and your staff a sense of satisfaction. However, it’s important to remember that it’s also an extremely demanding endeavour. When times get tough, sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of how important our care services are to those who need them. That’s why SureCare also acts as a support network, providing encouragement and reminding franchisees of how and why we make such a positive difference in people’s lives.

The right time to launch a home care business

The importance of care providers in the UK today cannot be overstated. More and more people are choosing to remain in their own homes for longer in later life. This has increased the need for professional care providers, in order to keep up with the rising demand amongst a growing, ageing population.

Individuals with a passion for making a difference in their local communities are currently presented with a remarkable opportunity. Franchising with SureCare offers a streamlined route to operating a business in the care sector, which continues to expand despite difficult economic circumstances.

At SureCare, we have assisted more than 70 franchisees across the country to establish and run their own successful home care businesses in this thriving, recession-resilient industry. We continue to do this by providing practical advice and guidance, as part of our unique, tried-and-tested franchising model.

Thinking of launching your own business and want more information on operating within the care sector? Get in touch with SureCare today to find out how we can support you on your journey.

Call us on 01244 321 199 or email to request our Franchising Brochure and arrange for a further discussion with a member of our franchising team.


New SureCare franchisees in Runnymede & Elmbridge

At SureCare HQ, we’re delighted to welcome another pair of franchisees who are on their way to providing quality care services in their local community. Establishing a new branch in Runnymede & Elmbridge are a husband-and-wife duo dedicated to supporting their local community.

SureCare’s continued expansion across the UK means that our quality care services are reaching more and more people who require assistance. With the help of dedicated franchise operators, we not only assist clients with care needs in the home, but also provide job opportunities for care workers in the community.

The latest of our new franchisees to join the SureCare network are married couple Naseeb and Zeba Khan. As they prepare to launch their SureCare Runnymede & Elmbridge branch, we wanted to bring you a little closer to them and discover their ambitions for their new business.

About Naseeb and Zeba

Both Naseeb and Zeba have a strong desire to help others, and this has been boosted by their own first-hand experiences of care. After a serious accident, Zeba required full-time care for almost a year as she recovered from a head injury. Naseeb spent a lot of his time as Zeba’s carer, alongside receiving additional assistance from professional care workers.

This challenging period of their lives gave both Naseeb and Zeba a considerable insight into the importance of care in society today. Having experienced it from both perspectives of delivering and receiving care, they know all too well how difficult it can be for care workers and service users alike.

Informed by their experiences, the pair wanted to help others facing similar daily challenges. Through initial conversations with SureCare, they also recognised there is an urgent need for an increase in home care provisions. By setting up their own home care business, both Naseeb and Zeba are determined to make others feel comfortable with a range of compassionate care services.

Launching SureCare Runnymede & Elmbridge

Starting any new business can be a daunting feat, which is why franchising with an existing company can help to make the process a little easier. Naseeb and Zeba have some previous experience with the franchising process, having previously established a local branch of a bubble tea shop in the past.

With home care firmly in their minds following Zeba’s recovery, the husband-and-wife duo looked to SureCare for support and advice in launching a home care provider. By combining their passion and determination to help others with our knowledge and expertise in the care sector, they are looking forward to leading the way for the new SureCare Runnymede & Elmbridge branch.

Together, they have completed our intense induction course and are now going through the wider onboarding process, assisted by National Support Manager, Rachel Gallagher. This includes establishing the business, working towards registration with the CQC, and recruiting a team of care workers. In the long term, they will also have ongoing support from their dedicated Business Development Manager in areas like recruitment, marketing and care compliance.

SureCare’s Franchise Recruitment Manager, Josh Farrer, remarked on the new franchisees for SureCare Runnymede & Elmbridge, saying: “I would like to express a warm welcome to Naseeb and Zeba and I look forward to working with them in the future, as they bring SureCare’s quality care services to the communities of Runnymede & Elmbridge.”

He continued: “As the demand for home care continues to grow, SureCare’s franchisees have a fantastic opportunity to not only establish and grow successful business, but also to provide vital and rewarding services within their local community.”

If you’re considering launching your own new business with franchising support, get in touch with SureCare to find out how you can help provide services in the home care sector. Simply give us a call on 01244 321 199 or email to get started.


Support the social care sector with a SureCare franchise

The social care sector in the UK today is struggling to cope with high demand for care services. By launching your own home care business, you can be part of the solution in supporting people requiring assistance at home and relieving the pressure on the wider healthcare system.

Home care services are becoming more and more important by the day, with no signs of slowing down. If you’ve ever considered starting a business that positively contributes to the well-being and livelihoods of people in the local community, there’s never been a better time to join the care sector.

To give you an extra helping hand, SureCare has plenty of franchising opportunities within the care sector today. With our unique franchising support, we can help you on your journey towards establishing and growing a successful care business.

Whether or not you have previous experience in setting up a new business or working in the care sector, here at SureCare we have a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to assist you every step of the way. Getting a new business off the ground needn’t be a daunting task when you franchise with us.

Why choose the care sector?

It’s hard to escape the news stories about the crisis in the healthcare system right now. Several different factors are contributing to the present crisis, from our ageing population to limited numbers of care staff. The combination of these factors has caused demand for care services to grow quite rapidly, often having a knock-on effect on the health service as patients can’t be safely discharged without securing the necessary aftercare.

The majority of care services in the UK are delivered to people over the age of 65, who currently make up around 18% of the population today. As the average life expectancy increases and our ageing population grows, it’s expected that the number of over 65s with grow to 20% this decade and even reach 25% – 1 in 4 of the total population – by the year 2050.

On top of this demographic, many people under 65 also require care and assisted living services on a daily basis. From children with learning difficulties to adults living with complex conditions, home care is able to provide a vital lifeline to anyone in need of additional support.

Care services are in high demand already, and this is only set to continue well into the future. The care sector needs to grow quite rapidly to keep up with this demand, which means a significant boost in the numbers of care providers and care staff is much needed. And that’s where you can come in…

Why franchise with SureCare?

By establishing your own business in care, you can help to recruit care staff and increase the capacity of available care services in your local area. But starting up a new business from scratch is often a daunting prospect, especially if you’ve never done it before. Franchising with an existing company, however, offers a safer and simpler route to getting off the ground.

Here at SureCare, we have fine-tuned our franchise business model to ensure that new and existing franchisees receive the right level of business support from day one. We continuously strive to make franchising with SureCare one of the most effective ways to start your own business in home care that supports people right across your local community.

Due to the widespread demand, home care is one of the most lucrative sectors to operate in at the moment. What’s more, as a service that continues to support our ageing population, care will always be needed in the long-term future. This makes care business much more resilient in the face of recessions or other economic downturns.

Your business will have the opportunity to grow and flourish, while you and your dedicated care staff take pride in helping others. Operating a business in home care is one of the most rewarding ways to give back to your community. With franchising support from SureCare, you can make a stable living alongside giving vital assistance to those who most need it.

To find out more information about how SureCare’s franchising opportunity can support you in launching and operating your own business in home care, get in touch with us today. Call us on 01244 321 199, or email to to request our franchising prospectus and arrange an initial discovery meeting with our franchising team.


New franchisees join SureCare bringing services to Solihull

SureCare’s reach continues to expand across the country thanks to the onboarding of new franchisees. Our latest franchise owners have now been given the go-ahead to launch in Solihull, and we’re delighted to share more about them with you today.

With more and more people looking for safe and effective solutions to receiving care at home, SureCare is proud to be at the forefront of home care provisions throughout the UK. Thanks to the drive and determination of our latest franchisees, we’re excited to see our care services now reaching people in and around Solihull.

Leading the way at the newly established SureCare Solihull are husband-and-wife duo Mohammed and Fatima Tahseen. Together they have gone through our franchise onboarding process and undertaken an intensive week-long induction course. Ahead of their next steps, we’re taking a moment to find out a bit more about them here.

About our new franchisees

Mohammed and Fatima already have a lot of experience in managing their own daily operations with an existing business. Mohammed owns and runs an extremely successful security company based out of Birmingham, with Fatima providing regular support for various business activities.

Recently, Fatima made the decision to start a new business in the care sector, leading the pair to approach SureCare Franchising for further information and assistance. Together they have embraced their new care franchise and have demonstrated the compassion and determination to support people right across their local community.

In a reversal of roles up until now, Fatima will spearhead operations at SureCare Solihull whilst Mohammed provides back-office support, as well as focusing on his existing security company. Over the coming weeks, Fatima will employ a Registered Care Manager and a team of care workers to carry out regular care visits throughout the town and surrounding areas.

SureCare’s franchise support

Fresh from completing their induction at our head offices in Chester, Mohammed and Fatima are now under the guidance of Rachel Gallagher for the next steps of gaining registration with the Care Quality Commission. Once this is in place, the duo will be assisted further by a dedicated franchising support team.

This team will include Business Development Manager, Imran Sabir, who will focus on providing support for growing the business. He’ll also be on hand to help with various aspects of running a SureCare franchise like negotiating care contracts, as well as staff recruitment and retention. Additionally, Oyinder Olusanya will support the new franchisees with maintaining overall compliance with CQC regulations.

Josh Farrer, Franchise Recruitment Manager for SureCare, said: “I’m delighted to welcome our latest franchise partners to the SureCare franchise network. With Mohammed and Fatima on board and due to begin operating in Solihull, everyone at SureCare is excited to help them on their way to delivering quality care services in their local area.”

To find out how you can operate a new business in home care with franchising support, speak to SureCare today for more information and to enquire about a potential franchising opportunity.

Simply call our Head Office team on 01244 321 199 or email to arrange an initial discovery session with our franchising team.


SureCare welcomes new franchisee for Manchester & Salford

Adding to SureCare’s growing franchise network, today we’re excited to introduce one of our latest franchisees. Exclusively operating in the territory of Manchester & Salford, we meet the man behind the business who will lead the way for home care provisions in his local community.

SureCare continues to branch out across the UK with new franchisees launching their own businesses to bring our unique brand of home care services to their local communities. For almost 30 years, SureCare Franchising has supported entrepreneurs from a variety of different backgrounds to operate in an industry that’s lucrative and rewarding in more ways than one.

Among the latest additions to our nationwide network is SureCare Manchester & Salford, which aims to deliver effective and compassionate services to vulnerable people across the two cities and the surrounding areas. Taking the helm at this new venture is entrepreneur Mohammad Umair, who has now completed his franchising induction course with us at Head Office.

About Mohammad

Mohammad has a varied background, having worked in different sectors. Most notably, he has been actively involved in contracted transport for almost 10 years. This line of work has enabled him to provide specialist transport for children with autism, supporting these youngsters in travelling short and long distances to experience fun days out.

With a deep-rooted passion for helping other people – particularly those who require additional assistance – Mohammad had the determination and drive to launch his own care business. With SureCare right behind him at every stage, he aims to deliver quality services and become a leading care provider in the North West.

Joining SureCare

Following his recent induction and training course with us at SureCare’s Chester Head Office, Mohammad is now under the careful guidance of our Onboarding Manager, Rachel Gallagher. She will look after Mohammad during the CQC registration process, before handing him over to our dedicated franchising support team.

Key members of the team assisting Mohammad will be Stuart Spinks and Harriet Woodcock. Stuart will be on hand to help Mohammad with all aspects of business development and growth, including recruitment of care staff and acquiring new clients through marketing and care contracts. Meanwhile, Harriet will provide support for ensuring the business maintains regulatory compliance, continually meeting standards set by the CQC.

Our warm welcome

Welcoming Mohammad and SureCare Manchester & Salford to our nationwide franchise network, SureCare’s Franchise Recruitment Manager, Josh Farrer, said: “Throughout the process, Mohammad has demonstrated the drive and enthusiasm needed to launch and operate a people-centric care business that is focused on delivering quality care throughout the community.”

He continued: “Everyone at SureCare is pleased to have helped Mohammad on the way to reaching his ambitions and we all look forward to seeing his successful journey with SureCare continue into the future.”

If you’re thinking of starting a new business in the lucrative home care industry and need a bit of further assistance, find out how franchising with SureCare can help you.

Call our Head Office on 01244 321 199 or email to get started on your journey with SureCare Franchising.


New franchisees in Greenwich & Bexley join SureCare

SureCare’s nationwide network of franchise operators and care provision teams continues to grow. Furthermore, we continue to expand our services across London to reach more and more people in the densely populated capital – now reaching the Boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our franchisees, SureCare services have been able to reach various communities across the UK for almost 30 years. In recent years, we’ve seen particular expansion taking place throughout London to bring our quality care services to those who need them most.

SureCare Greenwich & Bexley is a new business exclusively providing our unique range of services to residents across those boroughs. With husband-and-wife team Nasrin and Anisur taking the lead, we look forward to them and their local care team supporting the community.

About Nasrin and Anisur

Spearheading operations at SureCare Greenwich & Bexley is Nasrin, who has a strong administrative background in various sectors. With a Master’s degree in business administration, she has worked for more than 8 years in the NHS and with other healthcare providers in a range of managerial roles.

Nasrin’s husband Anisur will take on a more supportive role in the background, whilst focusing on other business interests. His experiences as an established businessman have seen him build a lucrative property business from the ground up, whilst also having key involvement in a range of other ventures.

With his knowledge and expertise in successful business operations, Anisur will regularly be on hand to advise and assist Nasrin and their team of care workers. Together, they have recently completed their new franchise induction training at our Head Office facilities to prepare them for what comes next.

Next steps for SureCare Greenwich & Bexley

Nasrin and Anisur are now being supported by Rachael Gallagher, SureCare’s National Support Manager. She will guide them through the initial stages of getting their new business off the ground. This includes business plan implementation and CQC registration – a mandatory requirement for all care providers across England.

Following this, our new franchisees will have access to our wider support team for help in a range of areas like care staff recruitment, finances and bookkeeping, and marketing through printed and digital resources. Our support is also available in the long-term to provide advice and guidance for the general daily operations and activities involved with running a SureCare franchise.

Welcoming the duo to the SureCare family, Franchise Recruitment Manager Josh Farrer said: “I’ve enjoyed working closely with Nasrin and Anisur throughout the franchise recruitment process.” He also praised Anisur’s entrepreneurial experience and Nasrin’s healthcare management expertise, describing them as “a formidable business partnership in the home care sector.”

“Nasrin made her objectives clear to me from the outset, mirroring what we at SureCare look to achieve as an overall franchise network,” Josh continued. “She is determined to offer quality healthcare services in the community by applying her combined management skills, efficiency, knowledge and experience.”

We are delighted to welcome Nasrin and Anisur to SureCare’s ever-expanding network and we very much look forward to watching their business of SureCare Greenwich & Bexley flourish over the years to come.

Considering starting up your own business in an industry that’s as lucrative as it is rewarding? Get in touch with SureCare to see how a franchising opportunity in home care may suit you.

Call us on 01244 321 199 or email and we’ll get back to you soon with further information on how you can get started with SureCare Franchising.


Welcoming our latest franchisee in SureCare Brentwood

We’re delighted to welcome our latest franchisee to SureCare’s growing nationwide network. Here we take a quick look at the newest addition to our team and how our unique quality care services will be delivered to people in the Brentwood area.

The SureCare Franchising network continues to grow, even during uncertain economic times, enabling people up and down the country to receive vital care services at home. The most recent franchisee to join our growing family will take on the responsibility of delivering home care in the town of Brentwood and the surrounding areas.

Launching SureCare Brentwood is Dr. Franklin Umenze, who has recently completed our intense franchising induction course. As he looks ahead towards establishing his new business, here we take a look at Franklin’s history and his next steps on his journey as a SureCare franchisee.

About Franklin

Franklin works as a general surgeon, having passed his membership exam at the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Since then, his medical career in the UK has seen him work at various institutions, including Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust, Lorn and Islands NHS General Hospital, in a temporary capacity. He presently works as a registrar in general surgery at King’s NHS Trust in London.

Franklin’s commitment and dedication to his profession makes his well placed to recognise the challenges of the healthcare sector, alongside the importance of delivering vital and often life changing services to those who most need them. He has expressed his desire to bring his care to the wider community. This led him to SureCare and the proposition of running his own home care business.

Establishing SureCare Brentwood

Off the back of our induction training programme at SureCare’s head office and training facilities in Chester, he will work closely with our National Support & Onboarding Manager, Rachael Gallagher. She will continue to guide Franklin through the next stages of setting up his new care business. This includes implementing the business plan, securing office premises and registering with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Once SureCare Brentwood is registered with the CQC, Rachael will then hand Franklin and his team of care staff over to the regional support team. Headed by Imran Sabir, they will be able to provide more focused guidance, advice and support for the day-to-day operations required. Together, Franklin and his team – along with SureCare’s support network – will grow a quality driven and lucrative home care business within the local community.

SureCare’s Franchise Recruitment Manager, Josh Farrer, welcomed Franklin by saying: “Having spent much time with Franklin, I feel he is a perfect fit for SureCare and our expanding network. Since the first meeting, it became quickly apparent that I was speaking with an intelligent, compassionate and highly motivated individual.”

Josh continued: “Franklin’s caring nature and willingness to help people both in his current occupation as a surgeon and now as the boss of a care company really says it all. I’m very much looking forward to working with Franklin in the future and witnessing his successful journey with SureCare.”

Are you considering starting your own new business in home care provisions? Find out more on how franchising with SureCare can help you.

Get in touch with us today by calling 01244 321 199 or send an email to to request our franchising prospectus and to arrange an initial franchising discovery session with us.


Franchising with SureCare in a recession-proof industry

With a recession very much on the horizon, budding entrepreneurs may be hesitant to invest in a new business in the present climate. However, by operating in a recession resilient industry, SureCare can help you to establish your own successful home care business in any circumstances.

Recent news of economic turmoil is understandably causing great concern for people from all walks of life. From lower income families to small business owners, the Bank of England’s prediction of a recession later this year makes for a gloomy outlook.

As the overall economy begins to shrink, people naturally become reluctant to make newer investments. This means that those who’ve been considering a new venture in the near future will likely put their ambitions on hold for a while. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

About the home care sector

Any period of recession can lead to a variety of different businesses facing a struggle, as the impact is largely felt on the cost of production and overall goods. However, the home care sector is uniquely placed to resist the effects of economic downturn, with vital support services continuing to be in high demand.

The flexibility and versatility of the home care industry allows operators to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. By running your own business in home care, this means you’re less reliant on aspects like the manufacturing, buying and selling of goods. Instead, your key priorities will be to support vulnerable members of your local community with professional and compassionate support services.

The importance of care for vulnerable people has never been more prominent as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. It prompted many of us to re-evaluate how we support our friends and family members and just how valuable essential care services actually are for some people.

Professional care services are in incredibly high demand today and that demand only continues to grow. Many specialist care homes and retirement homes operate up and down the country. However, the emergence of home care over the last 20 years or so has given people a viable alternative, allowing them to receive support in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.

By operating your own home care business, you can provide vulnerable people in your local area with that option to receive care services where they feel most comfortable. You’ll manage and nurture your own team of remote care workers and grow your very own successful business from the ground up.

How franchising with SureCare helps you

Making the decision to start a new business in the home care sector is one thing. However, actually taking the leap and getting the ball rolling is often quite a difficult and daunting prospect, especially with the fears of a recession looming just ahead of us.

Starting a new business from scratch is no simple feat, which is why franchising with a larger company can offer you a helping hand. At SureCare, we have perfected our franchising model over the years to support new business owners across the UK. We will collaborate with you to take care of a lot of the finer details, so you can concentrate on business development and day-to-day operations.

Franchising with SureCare allows you tap into various resources that you otherwise wouldn’t get by starting up alone. Chiefly, you would benefit from following our tried and tested business model and our expertise in establishing and implementing a tailored business plan. With support from your own business development manager, you’ll receive advice and guidance every step of the way to get your new home care business off the ground.

Not only that, our franchising support team can provide additional ongoing assistance for any issues or concerns you may have. We can help with practical support like training, recruitment and marketing, as well as offering advice on operating within a future recession.

Ultimately, it’s our goal to help you get the most out of your initial investment. That way you can propel your business forward without worrying too much about what may happen in the wider economy. You can instead focus on supporting your customers and ensuring you deliver quality care services to the people who most need them.

Who do we help?

While the majority of home care services in the UK are aimed towards the over 65s, SureCare franchisees can offer so much more. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in delivering care services to people of all ages and abilities.

SureCare franchisees have the ability to offer childcare services, support for adults with disabilities and even live-in care for those in need of round-the-clock assistance. In addition to personal care services, you can also offer general support including laundry and cleaning around the home, as well as shopping and delivery services for those who find it a struggle to go out.

So many of us are living longer and our overall population is getting older. With more and more people coming to rely on different levels of care and support, demand for home care keeps on growing and this is expected to continue long into the future.

Operating your own business in the home care sector is one of the most rewarding ways to make a living today. You’ll get to work with and support members of your local community, enriching their lives and forming strong lasting bonds with them. Not only that, you’ll be shielded from the effects of economic downturn no matter how the economy fares in the months and years to come.

Investing in a SureCare franchise is one of the safest investments you can make as a budding business owner in today’s climate. With the support available from our Head Office and our nationwide network of franchisees, we’re ready and raring to discuss a franchising opportunity with you and help you launch you very own home care business.

For more information on getting started with your very own SureCare franchise, get in touch with us today. You can receive our franchising prospectus and even arrange for an initial discovery meeting to help you make up your mind.

Call us on 01244 321 199 or send an email to SureCare’s Franchise Recruitment Manager, Josh, at and we’ll take it from there.


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