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New Year, New You – The perfect opportunity to franchise with SureCare

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Now that the fireworks are over, the confetti’s been swept away and we’ve all wished our ‘Happy New Year’s to everyone, many people up and down the country are getting back into the swing of everyday life. For some, this means dreading going back to work and taking some time to settle back in.

When looking for their next step in business or up the career ladder, going back to the “same old, same old” can be pretty boring. This time of year generally sees people wanting to make some significant changes, not just in terms of work, but also in their whole approach to daily life.

There are many people who dream of going it alone and leading their own business, but it can be quite a daunting experience taking that first step, especially in today’s economic climate. If your New Year’s Resolution was to quit that workaday lifestyle and set up something new, SureCare Franchising can offer a helping hand with fantastic opportunities to start a business in a thriving industry.

Why franchise with SureCare?

At SureCare, we work in one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors, with branches across the country providing care services to clients in various regions. Coverage of SureCare services has become widespread over the past year, but there are still select territories available for further branches to be set up.

By franchising with SureCare, you can run your very own local business that provides rewarding benefits to people in the community, as well as proving to be a recession-proof investment.

Business Support and Training

You may be sitting there thinking: “but I don’t know the first thing about running my own business!” Well, that’s where we come in. From the initial contact you make with SureCare Franchising, we get to know you, your background and your overall ambitions for running your own successful business.

We have a team of experienced Business Development Managers who can provide you with the right support to help get your franchise off the ground. Moving forward, they’ll also be on hand to assist with expanding services throughout your territory and finding opportunities with local healthcare organisations.

Caring is the nature of our business, so you’ll always have contact with SureCare HQ if ever get a bit stuck. Should you need support in recruiting office staff, keeping track of finances or getting hold of additional marketing materials, you’ll never be left in the dark.

Strong Investment

Above everything, we know that starting a new business in the current economic climate can be a massive worry. However, the nature of our business actually means that franchising with SureCare makes for a great investment opportunity.

The demand for home care is continually on the rise, with the industry being one of the most successful and rapidly growing sectors in the UK today. Your SureCare franchise can benefit from multiple revenue streams, thanks to the vast range of services we provide.

Joining the SureCare network isn’t just all about making a secure financial investment. With a long-term business plan in place, franchising is a great opportunity to take charge of your own future. Being your own boss in such a rewarding, community-led sector is – in most respects – a dream way to make a great living.

The Importance of Care Services

There’s never been more need for care services throughout the UK. Modern life expectancy is at an all-time high, meaning more of us are living much longer. For many, maintaining independence in their own homes is important but becomes increasingly difficult.

We’re big believers in giving clients the best support in their own homes, rather than seeing people forced into retirement homes. Alongside providing home care for elderly clients, SureCare is proud to be unique in offering help and support for clients of all ages, whatever the circumstances.

From childcare services to caring for those with disabilities, SureCare can provide care workers across the country to assist clients whether they’re in need of a high level of care, or just the occasional helping hand. We also encourage franchisees in all areas to go above and beyond in getting to know clients and providing a bespoke service where possible.