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As SureCare goes from strength to strength, we’re ecstatic to see expansion not only across the country but also in our own head office. With more and more SureCare franchises becoming established throughout the UK, we’re starting to see a lot of work on our plates – especially when it comes to Business Development support for our franchisees.

That’s why we’re pleased to introduce the latest addition to our head office team, Jurgita Baublyte.


With over ten years’ worth of previous experience in the home care sector, for the last few years Jurgita has been responsible for managing one of SureCare’s largest franchises until now. In her new role with us as a Business Development Manager, she will be a prominent figure within our operations team.

In helping to support new and existing SureCare franchisees, she will be heavily involved in setting up new branches, acquiring care contracts and providing additional support where necessary. By no means is it an easy task, but Jurgita has proven that she has just the right levels of commitment and determination to carry out all the important work, and to do it all with a friendly and approachable attitude.

In recent months, we’ve seen many new franchises setting up in and around London, with SureCare services now reaching more residents inside the M25 and just beyond. Jurgita will focus largely on franchisees in this particular area – both new and long established – helping them to maintain their compliance with care standards as set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

She will also help to provide professional advice and support with effective strategies for recruitment and retention of care workers. With Jurgita on board, franchisees will surely benefit from her comprehensive experience when it comes to various aspects of running SureCare franchise. These include increasing clients in the area, attending local charity events and utilising our various care services to manage multiple revenue streams.

Thinking of franchising with SureCare? You can call us on 01244 321 199 or send an email to for further information.



Another brand new SureCare operation is on the way very soon, getting ready to provide a variety of vital home care services to residents in Hertfordshire. Over the next few months, the new team will be putting the finishing touches in place, before officially launching SureCare Hertfordshire later in the year.

Receiving help from acting BDM Rachel Gallagher, setup and running of this new operation will very much be a family affair; brother and sister Kevin Isaac and Helen Roberts are joined by their sister-in-law Karen Carroll.

Coming from a variety of different backgrounds, they all have one thing in common when it comes to franchising with SureCare – a shared desire to make a real difference in people’s lives.

Karen will take up the role of Registered Care Manager at SureCare Hertfordshire. This puts her in prime position to manage daily concerns like recruitment of carers, assessment of clients’ conditions and ensuring compliance of operations. As a qualified Occupational Therapist, she has years of experience in compassionately supporting people who struggle to go about daily activities due to their health.

Having previously worked as secretary and PA to a Managing Director, Helen‘s organisational approach will see her focusing more on the growth of the business and its ongoing developments. She’s also a great people person – a vital asset when networking and establishing relationships with other professionals in the community.

With the ladies largely providing the friendly face of SureCare Hertfordshire, Kevin will take more of a supporting role for the business behind the scenes. He brings with him a wealth of experience, gathered from running his own well-established financial advice service in Hertfordshire.

SureCare Hertfordshire

Kevin, Karen and Helen begin the journey for SureCare Hertfordshire

All of the attitudes, experiences and positivity truly reflect what we feel SureCare is all about. This team shows real promise in their mix of knowledge and skill, and we believe that Kevin, Helen and Karen are a perfect fit for providing our services and benefitting the wider care industry.

We’re positive that this partnership will enhance our widening network and help to further establish SureCare as a leading care provider in the UK.

Franchising with SureCare is a fantastic way to run your own small business in the rewarding and profitable care industry. If you’d like to join our network, or simply get further information, call Josh on 01244 321 199 or email and get started today.


SureCare is continuing to extend the reach of our services across the country, with more franchise operators on the way to cover various local communities. We’re pleased to announce a couple of new additions to the SureCare network, with franchise operators joining us and providing home care services at SureCare Richmond & Kingston and SureCare Wycombe & Chiltern.

These franchisees will begin providing a range of care services covering clients of all ages and abilities in their surrounding areas. We catch up with the guys behind the new franchises and get to know what drives them in their roles as SureCare operators in their local communities.

All SureCare franchise owners are spurred on by their passion for making a real difference to people’s lives, as well as having the entrepreneurial drive to maintain and grow their own local business.

We’d like to take the opportunity to introduce our latest additions to the SureCare family, and get to know them a little better.

SureCare Richmond & Kingston

Leading the way for services in the London area of Richmond & Kingston, Ahmed Fady brings a lot of previous experience to the table. In a previous life, Ahmed has been a senior manager for a large communications company over in Egypt. During his time there, he has become exceedingly proficient in leading and managing a team of people to achieve the best results.

This experience will transfer well when it comes to leading a team of office management staff and care workers in the area. On top of this, Ahmed shows great enthusiasm for working alongside our operations team, receiving help and support from them along the way.

In operating SureCare Richmond & Kingston, Ahmed will be passionate about providing home care services of an exceptional quality. Safety, security and reliability are the top priorities, as not only will this help to give clients peace of mind in SureCare’s services, but it will also help the growth and development of the business by maintaining a strong local reputation.


Ahmed Fady of SureCare Richmond & Kingston

SureCare Wycombe & Chiltern

Just on the other side of the M25, another new franchise will offer SureCare services in Wycombe & Chiltern. Operator Mandeep Atwal will lead a team of care providers in the area, capable of offering high-quality home care services to a range of clients at all stages of life’s journey.

Mandeep has a detailed background in finance, working as a qualified accountant and having also gained experience in the finance department of Slough Children’s Services. This has given him a significant insight into how care providers function to support those who need it, while also helping the business to grow and develop.

Hopes are high for SureCare Wycombe & Chiltern to blossom into a large and profitable business. Mandeep sees branching into the care sector as a great investment, with various sources of revenue available based of the range of care services on offer. These include not only care for the elderly, but also childcare, mobile crèche facilities and home services like handyman jobs and gardening.


Mandeep Atwal of SureCare Wycombe & Chiltern

Ongoing support

Both of these new franchisees will be supported on an ongoing basis by their dedicated Business Development Manager, Rachel Gallagher. Rachel has worked with many of our new franchisees to help them to set up their operations in the first instance, as well as to provide help with future business development.

SureCare’s Head of Recruitment, Stuart Spinks, will also provide close assistance when it comes to recruiting care workers and office management staff to their growing teams. At present, both new franchises are seeking suitable candidate to become Registered Care Managers.

Commenting on the appointment of SureCare’s latest franchisees, Franchising Manager Josh Farrer said:

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome both Ahmed and Mandeep to the SureCare network. They both bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from their past careers, which I feel will give them competitive edge within the care sector.

I’m sure that both Mandeep and Ahmed will make a positive difference to the people within their communities and further enhance the SureCare network. I wish them both the best of success in their future with us.”


SureCare’s Head of Recruitment, Stuart Spinks

If you’re interested in a potential franchising opportunity with SureCare, you can get in touch with Josh on 01244 321 199 or email for further information.



In our continuing determination to expand quality home care services nationwide, we’re delighted to announce a brand new franchise operating in North East London to serve residents of the Redbridge and Epping Forest areas.

Leading the way for SureCare Redbridge & Epping Forest are husband and wife team Shane and Michelle Kyte. Coming from different career backgrounds, the pair aims to bring their collective skills and experience together to collaborate on making this new business a great success – not only for themselves and their staff, but also for the wider community of residents in need of outstanding care.

For the most part, Michelle will take charge of the business, providing exceptional services for those who require them across the area. With years of previous knowledge and experience as a care worker, she has also cared for a close family member in the past, allowing her to make an emotional connection as well as a practical one.

Not only does Michelle understand the complexity of providing care, she also has first-hand experience of receiving care. After being involved in a serious accident some time ago, she required a significant level of care to bring her back to good health. Under her leadership, customers can expect a care service that fully takes customer comfort into consideration, while providing a high level of service.

Speaking about her hopes for the brand new business venture, Michelle said:

“We’re really looking forward to bringing a wide range of quality care services to people across Redbridge and Epping Forest. The help we’ve received from SureCare so far has been incredible and we hope to continue that great work as we move forward.”

SureCare Redbridge & Epping Forest

Shane & Michelle at SureCare HQ with Managing Director Gary Farrer

With husband Shane working as a finance broker in the City, he’ll play a more supporting role for the business. This way, he can certainly provide assistance and advice for some of the more financial aspects that inevitably form a healthy business.

Together they’ll also be supported by their very own Business Development Manager, Rachel Gallagher. Rachel has helped several other SureCare franchisees to get their new businesses off the ground previously and can provide a friendly face for further assistance as things begin to successfully take off.

If you’re looking for a great opportunity to start a new business venture in a truly rewarding sector, get in touch with SureCare Franchising today on 01244 321 199 and find out how we can help.



By franchising with SureCare, not only are you helping to provide members of the community with life-changing services; you’re also making a long-term investment in one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK.

Because of the ability to cover various different needs, SureCare franchises have grown from strength to strength with multiple streams of revenue available to them.

When purchasing a franchise of any company – whether a restaurant, leisure centre or professional services provider – your location will always be a key element to consider. It’s pretty much given that your local business will be restricted to covering a certain area, hence why so many branches of successful franchise businesses pop up in various towns and cities across the country.

At SureCare, we know how geographic restrictions can be a major factor, which is why we don’t believe in limiting our services as well. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of the SureCare model is that we can offer help to those in need of quality care throughout the whole of life’s journey.

From childcare services through to personal care in later life, it is our ultimate aim to provide excellent care to whoever needs it. We also recruit and provide training for our care workers, so that they are able to facilitate for those with additional needs, from those with physical disabilities to those living with dementia.

But it doesn’t end there – we’re consistently looking for other ways in which SureCare can help customers up and down the country. As a result, we’ve also begun to introduce bespoke home services to our overall skill-set, allowing our care workers to help out with any additional work around the home, including everyday tasks like cleaning, washing up and general household maintenance.

We’re not totally in the business of telling customers what services to choose from; instead we get to know what they want or need on an individual basis. That way, we can create tailored care packages to provide the best possible service.

SureCare believes that this not only advantages customers with the right level of care for them, but also benefits providers at local franchises to grow thanks to the variety of revenue streams available.

Want to find out more on purchasing a SureCare franchise? Call 01244 321 199 and speak to Josh today.


14th June 2016

Press Release

Fast growing care company SureCare has opened a new franchise in Merton & Wandsworth.

The franchise, which is being run by Care Manager Zoe Hughes, was officially opened by the Mayor of Merton, Councillor Brenda Fraser.

More than 15 staff have already been taken on by the company and they are looking for more highly trained and experienced people to join the team over the next 12 months.

As well as providing care for elderly people and those with physical and learning difficulties, SureCare Merton & Wansworth offers brain and spinal injury care, overnight and live-in care plus respite care.

Care Manager Zoe Hughes said: “We are delighted to have opened a SureCare franchise in Merton and Wandsworth. We pride ourselves on running a business that gives people the best quality of life for longer and helps them stay in their homes with the right support they need.

“We are passionate about creating a customer centred service and giving the best possible care at all times.”

Gary Farrer, managing director of SureCare, says: “I am delighted to announce the launch of our newest franchise. Like all our franchisees, the Merton & Wandsworth team is passionate about wanting to provide the best possible care to our clients.

SureCare franchisees can offer clients personal care and support, holiday and respite care, Alzheimer’s care, childcare, mobile crèche and babysitting.

To ensure that people can maintain their independence for as long as possible, the company also provides its clients with a complete range of home services including gardening, DIY, decorating, cleaning and cooking.

The services offered by SureCare franchises are a mix of regulated and unregulated, which combined aim to ensure that they are meeting the specific needs of people of all ages today.


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10th June 2016

Press Release

Fast growing Hereford care company celebrates new management team with recruitment of 22 staff

Two businessmen have joined forces to run leading care company SureCare Hereford.

Philip Martyn-Smith and Alistair Trow have taken on 22 staff since they took over the management of the franchise earlier this year – and are looking for more highly trained and experienced people to join the team.

SureCare Hereford provides care for elderly people and those with physical and learning difficulties.

The launch of the new look franchise was officially celebrated with the help of the Mayor of Hereford, Councillor Jim Kenyon on 3rd June.

SureCare Hereford is a real family affair with Philip, a business development specialist, and Alistair, a sales and business consultant, working alongside their respective wives, Lynette and Charlotte. Both couples have children at the same school in Worcester.

Philip, 52, said: “We are delighted to have taken over the running of SureCare Hereford and are looking forward to increasing the variety of services we can offer to private paying clients.

“The care sector is a growing industry and we believe that we can build an exciting business which can help people stay in their homes for longer with the support they need to do so.”

The team are looking to create more new jobs in the area over the next 12-18 months.

Gary Farrer, managing director of SureCare, says: “I am delighted to welcome Philip and Alistair into the business. Like all our franchisees, they are passionate about wanting to provide the best possible care to our clients.”

SureCare franchisees can offer clients personal care and support, holiday and respite care, dementia care, childcare, mobile crèche and babysitting.

To ensure that people can maintain their independence for as long as possible, the company also provides its clients with a complete range of home services including gardening, DIY, decorating, cleaning and cooking.

The services offered by SureCare franchises are a mix of regulated and unregulated, which combined aim to ensure that they are meeting the specific needs of people of all ages today.


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February 9th, 2016

Press Release

Josh Farrer appointed Franchise Sales Manager at SureCare

Fast growing care company SureCare has appointed a new Franchise Sales Manager.

Josh Farrer, son of the business’s owner and Managing Director Gary Farrer, has been brought on board.

Josh, who has an extensive background in sales and marketing, officially joins the family business this week (February 8).

He will be leading a major new recruitment drive to identify ambitious people keen to become SureCare franchisees.

Gary Farrer, who acquired the Chester-headquartered business from Housing & Care 21 in November 2014, said: “I am delighted that Josh has agreed to become SureCare’s new Franchise Sales Manager. I am extremely proud of the fact that SureCare is once again a true family business.

“We also want our franchisees to feel they are joining a family when they come on board.

“Buying a franchise is a big investment and it is important to know that you are going to receive the support you need every step of the way.”

Josh joins an experienced SureCare management team which also includes Operations Director Tracy Newcombe, Business Development Managers Clare Roberts and Rachel Gallagher and Office Manager Carolyn Griffiths.

Gary Farrer added: “SureCare franchisees come from all backgrounds. While many of them will have worked in the care sector, others will come from a variety of our sectors. Some will have first-hand experience of caring for a relative or loved one and, perhaps, been frustrated or let down by the service they received. All of our franchisees are passionate about wanting to provide the best possible care to our clients and building a successful, profitable business.

“We believe the team we have put in place is able to provide the expertise and support a care franchise needs to achieve its maximum potential.”

SureCare franchisees can offer clients personal care and support, holiday and respite care, Alzheimer’s care, childcare, mobile crèche and babysitting.

To ensure that people can maintain their independence for as long as possible, the company also provides its clients with a complete range of home services including gardening, DIY, decorating, cleaning and cooking.

The services offered by SureCare franchises are a mix of regulated and unregulated, which combined aim to ensure that they are meeting the specific needs of people of all ages today.

Over the coming year, SureCare will be launching more new services which will further enhance the business opportunities for its franchisees.

SureCare franchises start at £32,000 plus working capital.

Josh said: “The potential really is as great as a franchisee wants it to be. SureCare franchisees are able to offer a suite of services aimed at all ages, from the very young to those in the later stages of life. This means there are multiple revenue streams available to a franchisee to build and grow a successful business.

“The care sector is one of the hottest sectors in the UK and there is an opportunity for a SureCare franchisee to help shape the way care and home services are delivered into the future.”


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October 22, 2015

Press Release

SureCare unveils new franchisees in Essex and London

Leading care company SureCare has welcomed on board two new franchisees.

Sami Haider is the new franchisee for SureCare Southend while Dean Bush has taken on the territory of Merton and Wandsworth.

Sami has an extensive background working for local authorities in various management roles, while Dean has over 14 years’ qualified social work experience.

Dean is vastly experienced in care planning, support planning and reviewing care plans.

He has worked with adults and children including those suffering from spinal injuries and learning disabilities. He also has extensive knowledge of fostering and child protection.

SureCare Southend was previously owned by Sharan Dhillon and has established strong links within the local community which Sami will now be looking to develop further over the coming months.

Gary Farrer, SureCare’s MD, said: “We are delighted to have two new franchisees of the calibre of Dean and Sami. Both know care inside out but are also ambitious and keen to build their own business success stories.”

SureCare now has over 30 franchises and company branches across the UK with a number of other franchises in the pipeline.

Gary added: “We will be announcing a further four new franchisees in the coming weeks as more ambitious business people join the SureCare family.

“Our franchisees like the fact that we offer so many revenue streams as well as providing a strong brand and an experienced head office management team ready to help them build a successful business.”

Sami has already benefited from the support of head office with SureCare tender specialist Clare Roberts helping him to be chosen by Essex County Council.

Sami said: “Writing a tender is one of the most time consuming and demanding tasks.

“I recently engaged Clare to assist with tenders for Essex County Council with an extremely tight deadline.

“It has been strategically important for growth to extend our services in the Essex area and Clare was brilliant in dealing with this. Needless to say we were successful with our submissions.”



We’ve all been enjoying the recent spell of summer sunshine – about time too!

Here at SureCare, we have seen a significant increase in the number of calls from people interested in becoming a SureCare franchisee since the temperature began to rise.

We are currently finalising a number of new franchises in various parts of the country, but we still have lots of exciting opportunities in territories where we don’t have a presence.

We are proud of our franchise offering which we believe is head and shoulders above any other care provider.

No other care provider is able to offer as many service lines as ourselves which include:

• Personal Care and Support
• Respite and Holiday Care
• Childcare
• Home Services
• Mobile crèche for weddings and other events
• Babysitting
• Dementia Care.

The beauty of a franchise is you become your own boss but with the support of an experienced management team to ensure you get off to the best possible start.

We provide all our franchisees with:

• A proven, highly respected brand
• An entrepreneurial management team
• Support with all compliance and regulations
• Marketing and PR support
• Website and social media support
• Ongoing training and leading industry data
• Tender support.

We are also able to help you get your franchise off the ground with funding packages exclusive to SureCare.

Could you be the next SureCare franchisee?

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SureCare franchises start from just £8,995.

For a confidential discussion, please contact Vikki Donnachie, Franchise Sales Manager, on 01244 321199 or email:

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