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At SureCare, we’re committed to providing excellent quality all the time, wherever we operate. Right across the SureCare network, our services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission, which is responsible for regulating all health and social care throughout England.

To ensure that our nationwide services offer top quality services to our clients, the CQC carries out routine inspections and awards each branch with the relevant ratings to summarise their findings.

We’re committed to hitting only the top ratings of ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’, not only to give our clients the assurance of SureCare’s quality, but also to help our franchisees know how well they’re operating.

The regulator monitors and inspects five key areas of the overall care service: safety, effectiveness, how caring they are, response levels and leadership. By breaking down their inspections into these chunks, the CQC helps to identify any strengths and weaknesses within the overall service provided.

To keep our operators and teams of care workers consistently on top of their game, here we take a look at those five core areas and what it takes to achieve a positive rating with the CQC.

Is it safe?

One of the key ingredients to achieving a ‘Good’ or even ‘Outstanding’ rating is to ensure that the safety and well-being of our clients is a top priority. Our teams are highly trained in ensuring a safe and healthy environment when providing care.

Additionally, all of our care workers are subject to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks before being fully recruited by SureCare. This helps us to be certain that the people who represent our business and our services work in a highly professional and compassionate manner.

An effective service

We know that the care needs of each person are as unique as the individual themselves – there’s no “one size fits all” approach to care. That’s why it’s up to us and our national teams to identify the most appropriate and most effective care solutions, on a case-by-case basis.

By tailoring our services to the clients’ needs, we strive to make sure our customers come first. Having our care teams working alongside health professionals, we endeavour to provide care that not only keeps our clients happy, but also healthy in the long term. Often this is accomplished purely through the sheer dedication of our caring and compassionate workforce.

Quality caring

At SureCare, we don’t believe in offering just a “bog-standard” service. We take the time to get to know our clients, establishing strong relationships and treating them with the dignity and respect that they deserve. We recognise that there’s more to home care than simply assisting with various daily tasks.

A large portion of our caring service revolves around putting the client first. This includes allowing them to make their own decisions over their daily routines, as well as going the extra mile to facilitate additional requests. This way, our care workers end up providing a service that’s as effective as it is inclusive.

A quick response

The response of our teams is vital to making sure our clients are kept well looked after. Whether during scheduled visits or in times of emergency, we understand just how essential it is to be able to address issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our teams up and down the country know that two-way communication is vital between our customers and us. When it comes to customer requests, queries or concerns, lines of communication need to be as smooth and simple as possible. Even in cases where a complaint may arise, the response from our teams should ensure that the customer’s concerns have been heard, understood and addressed promptly.

Great leadership

Back at the regional office, good communication between staff is essential to maintain a tightly run ship. With a CQC registered manager in place at each SureCare franchise, they can ensure that CQC standards are upheld across various aspects of the daily operations.

Making new developments and identifying areas for improvement are part and parcel of SureCare’s approach to leadership. It’s our firm belief that by maintaining a well-run service, our clients and their relatives will see that hard work reflected in the level of service we provide.

Bringing everything together, our franchise operators are determined to achieve and maintain those all-important ratings. Having a ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ CQC rating acts as a testament to the strong leadership and quality care offered by our teams, leading to great customer satisfaction.

By paying close attention to the above points, our franchise operators help to cement SureCare’s reputation as one of the country’s leading home care providers.



A recently published report on the care industry has highlighted just how crucial the next few decades will be. It’s expected that more and more people will require social care services for longer as life expectancy rises.

The current demand for care services is now beginning to outweigh the available supply, and this is set to get worse if care provisions remain at similar levels to today. Our ageing population means it’s important for this industry to expand provisions across the country, so we can accommodate the sheer numbers of people requiring assistance.

The social care climate in the UK today has been labeled as a “crisis”, with present services falling short. That’s why SureCare is committed to expanding across the country, with new franchisees continuing to come on board, so that our high quality care services can reach those most in need in their own homes.

The new research

A team of academics at Newcastle University conducted research by comparing the numbers of people receiving care in 1991 and 2011. They concluded that an extra 71,000 people would require regular care by the year 2025, and this number is expected to rise over the following decade to 190,000 people in 2035.

On top of this, higher levels of frailty mean that the length of care needed has doubled in the last two decades. Compared to figures in 1991, over 65s can now expect to spend twice as long receiving assistance, whether they require occasional regular visits or permanent round-the-clock care.

The report’s lead author, Professor Carol Jagger said: “The past 20 years have seen continued gains in life expectancy but not all of these years have been healthy.” She also stated: “this finding, along with increased number of older adults with higher rates of illness and disability, is contributing to the current social care crisis.”

Greater investment required

Earlier this year, the government unveiled that more funding will be made available for the care sector over the coming years, in response to the looming social care crisis. At the 2017 Spring Budget, it was announced that an additional £2 billion would be made available to councils in England over the next three years for adult social care.

The time is right for new business opportunities within the care sector. With increased demand for services and boosted support from local councils, starting up a home care business in your area will surely benefit the local area and the wider care community as a whole.

Home care vs. care homes

The research points towards a need to make more spaces available in care homes, however, this may not be the most practical approach. A spokesperson from the Department of Health has pointed out that data from the Care Quality Commission indicates the number of beds in care homes in 2016 had risen by just 0.2% compared to 2010 figures.

They noted: “High quality care isn’t just about care home beds – 61% of people are cared for in their own home”. There has been a significant rise in the number of home care agencies since 2010, allowing more people to benefit from domiciliary care as a preferable and viable alternative to crowded care homes.

Franchising with SureCare

By setting up your own home care businesses, you’ll be able to contribute towards your community on a long-term basis, providing vital services to those who need them. Going it alone is no mean feat, however. Fortunately, that’s where SureCare can help you.

Joining our network of franchise teams across the country allows you to benefit from in-depth training and business support, alongside specialist recruitment of highly sought-after care workers. This allows your business to provide the best quality of care to more and more people who desperately need it in these changing times.

Franchising with SureCare is a brilliant way to help to provide essential domiciliary and live-in care services to people in your local community, all while running your own business. At SureCare, we pride ourselves on our capability to deliver care services to an exceptional degree of quality.

If you’re looking to start your own business in the home care industry, speak to SureCare to see how franchising can benefit you. Call us on 01244 321 199 or email



Following a key decision made over the future of SureCare’s York branch, continued operations will now be handled by a new franchisee, Nicholas Gray. By taking on the branch as a going concern, Nic will be responsible for overseeing and continuing the great work carried out by the team in the city of York.

For a number of years, SureCare York has been a company owned branch, providing a range of quality home care services to residents throughout the city and the surrounding areas. However, a company restructuring decision earlier this year led to the future of the branch coming into question.

Around the same time as this decision coming about, Nicholas was already in touch with SureCare to discuss a potential franchise in his North Yorkshire home of Richmondshire. With the opportunity available for purchasing SureCare York as a franchise, Nic set his sights on leading the way for the team in York to continue providing vital and life-changing work for all concerned.

Having made regular visits to the beautiful and historic city over the years, Nic also has a certain fondness for York, and who can blame him really! More recently, he has decided to relocate to the area on a more permanent basis, allowing him to be a lot closer to the business.

About Nicholas

Nic comes from more of an accounts-based background, but he has gained a great deal of experience in social care from regular volunteer work with the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. He also has various close family members working in the care industry, with his mum looking after another home care company in Durham.

Through these various experiences, Nic has come to realise the varied and complex situations and problems that elderly people face on a daily basis. Not only did he develop an interest in the world of home care provision, he felt compelled to get involved in helping out those who need it most.

In developing this strong passion for home care services, he is committed to promoting the dignity, wellbeing and independence of elderly people. By taking over the reins at SureCare York, the aim now is to build on the already established business and ongoing opportunities in the area. That way, the wonderful team is sure to provide excellent care to highest possible standards.


About SureCare York

SureCare York comes with the added advantage of a strong and established legacy in providing home care services in the area. Existing as a long-standing company branch, running services as a franchise will allow Nic to have greater control over the finer points in the business, without missing out on the fantastic opportunities and regular business support provided by SureCare.

Under SureCare, the branch has been a preferred supplier of care services to York City Council for several years. Through this, numerous care contracts have been secured for those requiring home care after a stay in hospital, or in cases where the recipient may have required help with the costs of private care services.

On top of that, services provided by the branch have been strongly praised by the Care Quality Commission. During regular routine inspections, SureCare York has scored highly in all five areas of CQC inspection, covering safety of clients, effectiveness of service, quality of care, responsiveness of workers and positive leadership. You can find out more about SureCare York’s CQC rating here.

The future of the franchise

Like all other SureCare franchisees, Nic will benefit from ongoing business support so he’s not left in the dark. With Nic recently completing his induction training, he’s now getting used to the ropes and being supported by SureCare’s operations director Tracy Newcombe. However, for the rest of the team in York, it’s been business as usual!

The business boasts numerous care workers employed across York, with active recruitment for further team members on a continuing basis. Not only does this provide strong job opportunities for the city, but also allows those workers to benefit from a career that is both rewarding and makes a real difference in people’s lives.

SureCare York can provide high hourly pay rates of up to £10 per hour for care workers. This results in more and more care workers joining and improved levels of staff retention, leading to a continued quality of care available to the valued client base in the area.

Want to find out more about what the future holds for SureCare York? You can simply contact the office team on 01904 479 144 or send along an email to:



It’s normal for aspiring entrepreneurs to think about starting up their own business, with the home care sector increasing looking like an attractive prospect. Regardless of your experience, all you really need is a strong passion for helping those in need and the drive to lead your own business.

Any new business startup is bound to be fraught with various logistical battles. From sorting company registration to finding the right customers, and even balancing the books, it can be a challenging and intensive experience. Within the home care sector, however, further requirements also need to be considered.

Despite all the hard work, setting up and running your own business is an amazing achievement and can deliver a strong sense of pride. This is backed up by the knowledge that you’ll provide vital services to people in your area, alongside potential job opportunities for local care workers.

However, going solo with a new business venture may not necessarily be all it’s cracked up to be. Here we take a look at the pros and cons of starting up a home care business on your own, and the alternative of franchising with an existing provider to achieve the same goal.

Benefits of starting up alone

“Be your own boss” is the dream motto for a lot of people. First and foremost, there’s a great deal of satisfaction to be had in heading up your very own business. Fulfilling a long-term ambition can have a positive affect on your mindset, giving you that extra boost when it comes to operating day to day.

By running things yourself, you’re very much in the driving seat when it comes to the way your business runs. You alone get to define the level of service on offer, the lengths of your care visits and have greater control of your scheduling, granting you and your customers more flexibility.

It’s completely up to you on which direction you decide to take your business. This sense of freedom allows you to pursue the kind of care contracts you want, as well as keeping a close eye on potential new opportunities.

What about the downsides?

One of the biggest drawbacks of starting up a home care business alone is the sheer workload you’re sure to face. After all, being the one in the driving seat comes with a vast amount of responsibility. With nobody else to share the load, relying largely on your own solo efforts can become quite stressful in the long run.

Finding your own customer base, sorting contracts and tenders for new business and managing your own finances are crucial elements to keep on top of. Without those in place, you’re very likely to struggle in keeping your business going. On top of that, it’s vital to ensure you take care of your employees just as much as they take care of your clients.

Registering your business with the Care Quality Commission – along with undergoing routine inspections – is also necessary for anyone providing care services in England. It’s common for the CQC to favour businesses that demonstrate a high degree of knowledge and experience of the sector, so without a considerable background, this could also pose as a potential stumbling block.

Franchising as an alternative

While going into business alone may be an attractive idea, there’s nobody else to run new ideas by or to stand by you when things get a bit tricky. That’s why it’s a far safer bet to have some kind of backup support.

Opting to go with an already established model by joining a franchise network provides a smart solution. You can essentially get the best of both worlds, taking ownership of your business while benefitting from an existing support network.

Providers like SureCare come equipped with exceptional knowledge of the care sector and a wealth of experience in relevant business practices. If you’re unfamiliar with aspects like tendering, marketing and training, that’s where we can help you to advance your business, whilst ultimately allowing you to maintain control of your operations.

By franchising with SureCare, you still get to build your own business from scratch. However, we also offer exceptional business development support and training for you and your staff, helping you on your way to success. Operating under the SureCare brand means your business also benefits from our strong reputation within the industry – a compelling asset in the eyes of the CQC and prospective clients wherever you are.

If you’re pursuing your own startup venture in the home care industry, speak to Josh to see how franchising with SureCare could be the best option for you. Call us on 01244 321 199 or email:


Carrying out daily business in the 21st century often requires us to take a truly modern approach. When it comes to operating franchises and providing exceptional care services, SureCare is proud to keep evolving to continue our progress in a fast-changing world.

As a way to modernise our approach to attracting new customers and care workers, we’ve been rolling out advertising through Facebook to reach the right people in the right places. This has helped our franchise operators to reach out and interact with care workers in their local areas, providing a useful strategy that supplements recruitment in a way that is both precise and cost effective.

Recently, we helped our franchise operators at SureCare Doncaster to reach out to the right people using Facebook ads, resulting in many new enquiries and increased user engagement. While directing adverts towards those with a background or interest working in the care industry, SureCare Doncaster has also been able to reach wider social circles.

Thanks to the added presence of social connections – whether work colleagues, friends with similar interests or family members – the business has been able to raise further awareness of SureCare services in Doncaster. This has allowed the franchise operators to also reach potential customers who may be looking for quality home care services for loved ones.

Advertising through Facebook allows us to focus on individual aspects of a user, like their location, job title and previous work experience. By using targeted marketing in this way, we can pick and choose the right audience to display SureCare recruitment information.

There’s great flexibility in how much or how little SureCare adverts can show up in users’ Facebook feeds, depending on the marketing budget available. Even then, daily advertising costs are very low, minimising any risks while having the potential to reap considerable rewards.

Existing franchise owners can get in touch with their BDM today to find out more about using Facebook for recruitment advertising, or call 01244 321 199.


There are many reasons why choosing to franchise with SureCare is a strong and sound investment for a lot of budding business owners and eager entrepreneurs. The care industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK, with an ever-expanding client base and increasing opportunities emerging for more specialist care.

From the incredible and life changing help we give to people across our communities to reaping the benefits of the market’s rapid growth, there’s truly no other business opportunity like it in today’s current climate. It’s difficult to find an alternative business model that combines high rewards on your investment with the satisfaction you get from knowing you’re making a considerable difference to people’s lives.

The recent expansion and popularity of private care – particularly based in the home – is the driving force behind what makes franchising with SureCare such an inviting proposition. What’s more, by operating under the SureCare brand, you can independently run your own small business while also benefitting from the wider support network that sits behind it.

Why become a SureCare franchisee?

SureCare franchises have become well established up and down the country, providing a variety of home care services in local communities. While we may not be able to reach every home right now, our HQ team work in collaboration with individual franchisees to go above and beyond to help provide additional assistance where it’s needed.

It doesn’t matter whether you have considerable experience working within the care sector, or whether you’re a newcomer who simply wants to make a difference. We look for prospective franchise owners who have the skills and the determination to grow their own business within this constantly evolving sector.

A good long-term investment

Franchising with SureCare is a sound investment that allows you to work in an industry that consistently provides new opportunities. With a continually growing market for home care services, your business will always be in high demand.

Because of this constant demand, working within the private care sector is recession-proof. This essentially means that you’re always highly likely to come across new business on a regular basis, no matter how well or badly the overall economy does in the future.

On top of this, SureCare can provide a wide variety of different services, from home care visit for the elderly to regular childcare, from providing full-time live-in carers to offering temporary respite care packages. This allows your business to broaden your client base and ultimately benefit from multiple different revenue streams.

A growing market

We currently have an ageing population with more and more of us are generally living longer. As our life expectancy increases, however, so too does the likelihood that many of us will come to rely on daily assistance. Trying to maintain a sense of independence is important for many people receiving care, especially as the vast majority would prefer to remain in their own homes.

Spending on elderly care accounts for around two-thirds of the UK’s current home care market value. So while SureCare provides a wide range of care services to customers of all ages and abilities, a key priority within our sector is care for the over 65s.

Specialist care is also an emerging market in this industry, which includes greater focus on supporting those living with physical disabilities or mental conditions like dementia. This continual expansion means that numerous opportunities for your business are available and frequently on the rise.

A supportive network

On top the great investment in a growing market, becoming part of an already established and well-respected brand allows you various other benefits. By franchising with SureCare, you’re instantly backed up by our company’s strong reputation as an exceptional care provider.

When it comes to the day-to-day running of your franchise, our business development managers are on hand to offer support and training in areas like marketing and finance. Care and support is what we’re all about, so it’s just as important to us to keep your business ticking over as it is to provide quality services to our customers.

You’ll also have access to our specialist recruitment team, so you’re always able to find the right care workers, registered managers and office staff in your area. All in all, becoming a franchisee of SureCare allows you to greatly enhance the lives of people in your local community while you continue to run a successful business.

To get started, or for further information on franchising with SureCare, drop us a line on or speak to Josh on 01244 321 199.


As SureCare goes from strength to strength, we’re ecstatic to see expansion not only across the country but also in our own head office. With more and more SureCare franchises becoming established throughout the UK, we’re starting to see a lot of work on our plates – especially when it comes to Business Development support for our franchisees.

That’s why we’re pleased to introduce the latest addition to our head office team, Jurgita Baublyte.


With over ten years’ worth of previous experience in the home care sector, for the last few years Jurgita has been responsible for managing one of SureCare’s largest franchises until now. In her new role with us as a Business Development Manager, she will be a prominent figure within our operations team.

In helping to support new and existing SureCare franchisees, she will be heavily involved in setting up new branches, acquiring care contracts and providing additional support where necessary. By no means is it an easy task, but Jurgita has proven that she has just the right levels of commitment and determination to carry out all the important work, and to do it all with a friendly and approachable attitude.

In recent months, we’ve seen many new franchises setting up in and around London, with SureCare services now reaching more residents inside the M25 and just beyond. Jurgita will focus largely on franchisees in this particular area – both new and long established – helping them to maintain their compliance with care standards as set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

She will also help to provide professional advice and support with effective strategies for recruitment and retention of care workers. With Jurgita on board, franchisees will surely benefit from her comprehensive experience when it comes to various aspects of running SureCare franchise. These include increasing clients in the area, attending local charity events and utilising our various care services to manage multiple revenue streams.

Thinking of franchising with SureCare? You can call us on 01244 321 199 or send an email to for further information.



Another brand new SureCare operation is on the way very soon, getting ready to provide a variety of vital home care services to residents in Hertfordshire. Over the next few months, the new team will be putting the finishing touches in place, before officially launching SureCare Hertfordshire later in the year.

Receiving help from acting BDM Rachel Gallagher, setup and running of this new operation will very much be a family affair; brother and sister Kevin Isaac and Helen Roberts are joined by their sister-in-law Karen Carroll.

Coming from a variety of different backgrounds, they all have one thing in common when it comes to franchising with SureCare – a shared desire to make a real difference in people’s lives.

Karen will take up the role of Registered Care Manager at SureCare Hertfordshire. This puts her in prime position to manage daily concerns like recruitment of carers, assessment of clients’ conditions and ensuring compliance of operations. As a qualified Occupational Therapist, she has years of experience in compassionately supporting people who struggle to go about daily activities due to their health.

Having previously worked as secretary and PA to a Managing Director, Helen‘s organisational approach will see her focusing more on the growth of the business and its ongoing developments. She’s also a great people person – a vital asset when networking and establishing relationships with other professionals in the community.

With the ladies largely providing the friendly face of SureCare Hertfordshire, Kevin will take more of a supporting role for the business behind the scenes. He brings with him a wealth of experience, gathered from running his own well-established financial advice service in Hertfordshire.

SureCare Hertfordshire

Kevin, Karen and Helen begin the journey for SureCare Hertfordshire

All of the attitudes, experiences and positivity truly reflect what we feel SureCare is all about. This team shows real promise in their mix of knowledge and skill, and we believe that Kevin, Helen and Karen are a perfect fit for providing our services and benefitting the wider care industry.

We’re positive that this partnership will enhance our widening network and help to further establish SureCare as a leading care provider in the UK.

Franchising with SureCare is a fantastic way to run your own small business in the rewarding and profitable care industry. If you’d like to join our network, or simply get further information, call Josh on 01244 321 199 or email and get started today.


SureCare is continuing to extend the reach of our services across the country, with more franchise operators on the way to cover various local communities. We’re pleased to announce a couple of new additions to the SureCare network, with franchise operators joining us and providing home care services at SureCare Richmond & Kingston and SureCare Wycombe & Chiltern.

These franchisees will begin providing a range of care services covering clients of all ages and abilities in their surrounding areas. We catch up with the guys behind the new franchises and get to know what drives them in their roles as SureCare operators in their local communities.

All SureCare franchise owners are spurred on by their passion for making a real difference to people’s lives, as well as having the entrepreneurial drive to maintain and grow their own local business.

We’d like to take the opportunity to introduce our latest additions to the SureCare family, and get to know them a little better.

SureCare Richmond & Kingston

Leading the way for services in the London area of Richmond & Kingston, Ahmed Fady brings a lot of previous experience to the table. In a previous life, Ahmed has been a senior manager for a large communications company over in Egypt. During his time there, he has become exceedingly proficient in leading and managing a team of people to achieve the best results.

This experience will transfer well when it comes to leading a team of office management staff and care workers in the area. On top of this, Ahmed shows great enthusiasm for working alongside our operations team, receiving help and support from them along the way.

In operating SureCare Richmond & Kingston, Ahmed will be passionate about providing home care services of an exceptional quality. Safety, security and reliability are the top priorities, as not only will this help to give clients peace of mind in SureCare’s services, but it will also help the growth and development of the business by maintaining a strong local reputation.


Ahmed Fady of SureCare Richmond & Kingston

SureCare Wycombe & Chiltern

Just on the other side of the M25, another new franchise will offer SureCare services in Wycombe & Chiltern. Operator Mandeep Atwal will lead a team of care providers in the area, capable of offering high-quality home care services to a range of clients at all stages of life’s journey.

Mandeep has a detailed background in finance, working as a qualified accountant and having also gained experience in the finance department of Slough Children’s Services. This has given him a significant insight into how care providers function to support those who need it, while also helping the business to grow and develop.

Hopes are high for SureCare Wycombe & Chiltern to blossom into a large and profitable business. Mandeep sees branching into the care sector as a great investment, with various sources of revenue available based of the range of care services on offer. These include not only care for the elderly, but also childcare, mobile crèche facilities and home services like handyman jobs and gardening.


Mandeep Atwal of SureCare Wycombe & Chiltern

Ongoing support

Both of these new franchisees will be supported on an ongoing basis by their dedicated Business Development Manager, Rachel Gallagher. Rachel has worked with many of our new franchisees to help them to set up their operations in the first instance, as well as to provide help with future business development.

SureCare’s Head of Recruitment, Stuart Spinks, will also provide close assistance when it comes to recruiting care workers and office management staff to their growing teams. At present, both new franchises are seeking suitable candidate to become Registered Care Managers.

Commenting on the appointment of SureCare’s latest franchisees, Franchising Manager Josh Farrer said:

“It gives me great pleasure to welcome both Ahmed and Mandeep to the SureCare network. They both bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from their past careers, which I feel will give them competitive edge within the care sector.

I’m sure that both Mandeep and Ahmed will make a positive difference to the people within their communities and further enhance the SureCare network. I wish them both the best of success in their future with us.”


SureCare’s Head of Recruitment, Stuart Spinks

If you’re interested in a potential franchising opportunity with SureCare, you can get in touch with Josh on 01244 321 199 or email for further information.



In our continuing determination to expand quality home care services nationwide, we’re delighted to announce a brand new franchise operating in North East London to serve residents of the Redbridge and Epping Forest areas.

Leading the way for SureCare Redbridge & Epping Forest are husband and wife team Shane and Michelle Kyte. Coming from different career backgrounds, the pair aims to bring their collective skills and experience together to collaborate on making this new business a great success – not only for themselves and their staff, but also for the wider community of residents in need of outstanding care.

For the most part, Michelle will take charge of the business, providing exceptional services for those who require them across the area. With years of previous knowledge and experience as a care worker, she has also cared for a close family member in the past, allowing her to make an emotional connection as well as a practical one.

Not only does Michelle understand the complexity of providing care, she also has first-hand experience of receiving care. After being involved in a serious accident some time ago, she required a significant level of care to bring her back to good health. Under her leadership, customers can expect a care service that fully takes customer comfort into consideration, while providing a high level of service.

Speaking about her hopes for the brand new business venture, Michelle said:

“We’re really looking forward to bringing a wide range of quality care services to people across Redbridge and Epping Forest. The help we’ve received from SureCare so far has been incredible and we hope to continue that great work as we move forward.”

SureCare Redbridge & Epping Forest

Shane & Michelle at SureCare HQ with Managing Director Gary Farrer

With husband Shane working as a finance broker in the City, he’ll play a more supporting role for the business. This way, he can certainly provide assistance and advice for some of the more financial aspects that inevitably form a healthy business.

Together they’ll also be supported by their very own Business Development Manager, Rachel Gallagher. Rachel has helped several other SureCare franchisees to get their new businesses off the ground previously and can provide a friendly face for further assistance as things begin to successfully take off.

If you’re looking for a great opportunity to start a new business venture in a truly rewarding sector, get in touch with SureCare Franchising today on 01244 321 199 and find out how we can help.


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